Dog Bed

Orthopedic Bed - - 3 Shades of Dog

Orthopedic Bed – – 3 Shades of Dog

One of the three dog beds we have looks much like this one. At least it DID, before the dogs made holes in the cover on both sides and began pulling the foam out and spreading the fuzzy side of the cover all over the house…

Today we found some denim in the basement. We had to go back to town to get lots of large diaper pins – a hard thing to find in this day and age. We just finished safety pinning the denim to the top of the bed. It doesn’t look pretty, but Bambi, our pit bull, immediately got on it  and settled down for a nap.

Dog-approved, maybe the bed will last for awhile longer.


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8 responses to “Dog Bed

  1. One of my dogs fabric, so he has nothing in his crate except for a hard plastic tray. While his brother in the next crate has a nice bed, blanket, sweater, etc. I feel bad for him, but the vet said eating all that fabric could kill him. Sorry Teddy.

  2. This is a great idea. Denim is something I’d never thought of to use for repairing a dog bed.

    • Thanks, Rae. So far, it’s worked really well. AND, we can take it off the best, wash and dry it, and put it back on. Our dogs spend half their time scratching it to make a nest, or licking it (for whatever reason). It’s withstanding all so far.

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