I Love Christmas Trees – Take 1

This has to be one of the prettiest trees I’ve ever seen. I love the fatness of it. The lights and ornaments are just perfect.

When we built our home over 30 years ago, we loved the design. We still love it, although we would make it larger now. The biggest change I would make is figuring out where we would put our Christmas tree every year.

How could we build a house that doesn’t have a good place for a Christmas tree?

The main windows in the front of the house are in our office. My desk is pretty immovable, and it is right beside the window. It would take an act of Congress (I know – we’ve had such inaction for the past several years this cliché almost has no meaning… ) to move it enough for us to put our tree there. Moving the desk would also displace the dog bed and make our built-in shelves unusable.

We move to the living room –

We can’t put it close to the fireplace, so that’s one whole wall we can’t use. We CAN put it in the corner in front of some built-in shelves, but we have to take a table out and put it in the garage, move the couch, the table by my chair and my chair….

We CAN put it against the wall behind my chair – but then we have to take out that same table and move everything forward so we can’t use our shelves, but we can just barely walk between the Christmas tree and my chair. This is a main walkway in our home, so it’s a problem.

When our son was young and at home, we did one or the other each year. We’ve also gotten a table sized tree and set it up in the corner. That works okay, but I love a full-sized tree…

We’ve decided that when we win either the mega-millions jackpot or the Publishers Clearing House contest, we’ll build a new home on a lake somewhere. We’ll start with the Christmas tree, and then build out from there….

Merry Christmas, everyone. :0)

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