Folding Myself into a Paper Airplane – Take 9

I’m crediting my new yoga practice with some loss in inches – 26″ to be exact – as of today.

I’m using a 2-DVD set called, “Gentle Yoga,” and I couldn’t be happier with it.

The wonderful teacher is helping me figure out the problem areas in my body that need particular attention. I have found, for example, that my spine doesn’t twist very well, my back just beneath my shoulder blades is always tight, and that my shoulders need a lot of work.

I’m doing one section for a particular part of the body, plus the section on overall flow, each day. I did “Neck and Shoulders” and “Overall Flow” today. When I started, my middle back was really tight and sore. Now I feel good.

I have noticed that my body is beginning to give a little bit more. When I started, I found I couldn’t lie on my back and put my arms above my head with my hands on the floor. My arms simply dangled in mid air! Today when I did the relaxing at the end of one section, I was able to do that WITH my arms and hands on the floor. :0)

I also found that I couldn’t sit with my knees bent, feet on the floor under me. My thighs screamed and my feet cramped. I’ve been working on this by getting into that position, then bending forward a bit on a pillow and then just leaning down, trying to breathe into it. Sometimes I have to fight my feet cramping, but I’m able to stay in the position, relaxing a bit, for half a minute or so now.

Breathing into a stretch makes your body give. Relaxing into a pose increases your strength, flexibility, and balance.

My husband is cheering me on. He teases me quite a bit, but he realizes how good this is for me.


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2 responses to “Folding Myself into a Paper Airplane – Take 9

  1. I’m so happy, that the yoga works so good for you, Linda 🙂
    Why doesn’t you challenge your husband to join?????
    Yoga will be good for him too.

    • I can encourage or challenge my husband, but he looks at exercise as walking from the office to the kitchen to get something else to eat or drink. I’m concentrating on his eating and drinking now. Maybe the other will follow, but I won’t hold my breath.

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