Last Harvest of the Fall 2016


I had a nice harvest today – the last one of the fall season, since we’re due for hard freezes Wednesday through Saturday next week. We had a nice amount of lettuce, plus my cute little bitty heads of cauliflower.



I’ll clean out the garden a little bit at a time, since it’s so rainy and cold now. I should be able to clear things up in another session or two. We’ve had such fun with the garden this year. I’m not sure what I’ll try to grow next year, other than tomatoes and lettuce. My luck with the rest has been spotty, at best, though it was really interesting to watch things grow. I’ll do a lot of studying and decide what I would like to try next year. I haven’t had much luck at all finding spinach plants, so I may try to see if I can get plants started inside starting in about February. I know, I’m still carrying the name of the Serial Seed Killer, but maybe NEXT time….


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3 responses to “Last Harvest of the Fall 2016

  1. Your harvest looks so good, Linda 🙂
    One thing to remember to avoid bad sickness in your plants is not to plant same kind of plants more than one year a time. Then you will get the most optimal in each place and avoid bad experiences best possible.

    • Thanks for the reminder, Irene. I use the last plant location map when I decide where I’m planting the new season’s plants so I get a crop rotation of sorts. This year, since I have the three absolutely new planters, I’ll plant the lettuces, broccoli, and cauliflower in them, even further making sure. I’m hoping to find (or grow inside) spinach plants and other stuff in the three fall planters.

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