Another Lesson Learned

Bored Panda

Bored Panda

About an hour ago I noticed that I felt cold and that my back was stiff and sore. I decided to do my yoga – today “Joint Mobility” and “Overall Flow.”

Each section is half an hour. By the time I finished these two, my back wasn’t stiff and sore anymore and I felt warm and relaxed.

I’m slowly learning to listen to my body and then do something proactive to feel better. I’m a slow learner, but I’m really happy I’m FINALLY waking up to this.

If you’d like to try it, get the 2-DVD set, “Gentle Yoga.”

It’s created for women 60 years and older who haven’t practiced yoga before, may have had surgery causing stiffness, and may be a bit apprehensive about the idea. Usually, I’ve found exercise videos geared toward people who already can do all of the poses or exercises and want a hard workout. I wanted to do yoga to gain flexibility, balance, and to learn to fully relax. I also wanted someone who didn’t make me gnash my teeth, as the super-perky exercise people do.

Cat Kabira is an excellent teacher. She stresses that there is no perfect yoga pose. As long as you’re doing it the best you can at the moment, that’s good enough to get the benefit of the pose.  There are 8 sections on the DVD set, one for each part of the body and then an overall flow section. I’m now doing one session for a particular part of the body and then the overall daily.

I will never be a gym rat or fitness fanatic. I really would rather do almost anything than exercise. I want to be as active as possible, though, for the rest of my life. Having good balance, good core muscles, and better flexibility will help me do that.

It can be cold and rainy outside, and I can still do my yoga in the privacy of my home in comfort. My husband has learned to respect and encourage my yoga time. The cats and dogs still like to use my being on the floor as an opportunity to cuddle up and play, but we’re trying to gently discourage that. :0)


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3 responses to “Another Lesson Learned

  1. It is so good to hear, that you have so much joy of your yoga, Linda 🙂
    I have same challenges with my cats and dog, when I do yoga and also my meditation in the house. This seems to be an invitation for the cats to lay at my lap or place themselves, so it is difficult to do my yoga 😀

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