Stellar Fall Day



The temperature is about 63 degrees F. The sun is shining. There is a bit of a breeze, but nothing like the awful, gusty winds we had yesterday. It’s hard to think of how this could be a prettier day.



I feel rich today, looking out over the valley beyond our land. Even though we didn’t have much fall color this year, due to the summer-like temperatures we had for so long, I love our view.



If you can look at it, it seems as if it’s all yours. We’re very rich in view on top of our ridge line in Arkansas.

I’ve decided to quit WORRYING about whether it’s going to frost or freeze each night. I’ll simply go out and cover the plants each night before it gets dark, and then we’ll be in the best shape possible.

When the first really hard freeze comes, the garden will be over. We’ve had a fun year in gardening, moving from our square foot garden on the ground’s surface to our raised bed planters now. I’m enjoying every minute of our fall garden, however long it lasts, hoping that the cute heads of cauliflower will get a bit larger before I need to harvest them. I’m looking forward to planning how I’ll plant the spring garden, since we’ll move our tomato plants out of the main garden and into planters on the east side of the house in the spring.

I’m going to try to get out in the next day or so to finish mulching leaves for the year. I’d like to make enough mulch for two more large leaf bags to store in the garage for the spring before I call it quits.

I hope the weather is such that you can get outside and enjoy it today.






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7 responses to “Stellar Fall Day

  1. You have wonderful views from your place Linda, I do really understand, that you enjoy this so much 🙂

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