Getting More than You Give


A month or so ago, the wonderful man who cuts our hair asked us if we could create a Christmas tree out of horseshoes for him. He showed us a picture and bought the horseshoes. We started making the tree, but were running short of horseshoes. It turned out that we made one more row than the picture he referred us to. DUH. When we explained the problem, he laughed and got another package of horseshoes. We took the tree to him and he was happy with our efforts.

I got my hair cut last week. He ushered me into the shop, then said he needed to get something from his truck. In he came with the horseshoe Christmas tree, all decked out with ornaments he has received from clients over the years!



There is a place for something on the top. Since he hasn’t put anything there yet, I’m thinking maybe we can find something for OUR addition to the tree.

I suggested that he might consider using the tree year round, changing the ornaments to match each holiday. He loved the idea. This is truly a case of getting much more than we gave to a wonderful, treasured friend.


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2 responses to “Getting More than You Give

  1. This kind of tree is such a fun idea Linda, also to use it for other things for the rest of the year 🙂

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