Plans vs Reality



I just came in from my third mulching leaves session of the day. I’m exhausted. I stopped while I was still able to clean up after myself and put everything away, but just barely.

The PLAN was to top off the flower planters, then mulch three large leaf bags to store in the garage for the spring.

The REALITY was I mulched three large leaf bags, but TWO of them were needed to top off the planters! I only made ONE bag to put in the garage.

We have a good chance of rain (fingers crossed) for tomorrow afternoon through Monday morning. If that happens, it’ll take a few days for the leaves to dry out enough to gather them to mulch again. I THINK the flower planters are taken care of now for the winter. Hopefully, while we still have leaves enough for EVERYONE on the planet to come mulch, I can make what I would like to have for the spring.

I’ll plan to harvest whatever is ready in the garden tomorrow, planning to cover the plants for more freezes Tuesday and Wednesday…

I hope the weather where you are allows you to be outside enjoying it. If not, I hope you’re warm and dry.

Since I’m exhausted, stiff and sore right now – feeling as if I’m 105 years old, I’m going to go do my yoga for the day and see if that helps.

Happy day, everyone!


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2 responses to “Plans vs Reality

  1. You did work Linda and next time you might have for the garage too 🙂
    I hope, that the yoga helped you. Here we have had rain, lightening and thunder for days now, I really hope, this will end soon, even I do know, that our nature also needs rain.

    • I’m sorry you’re having storms day after day. You’re definitely having too much of a good thing. We’re hoping for some rain tonight. The yoga helped for the rest of the afternoon, but I stiffened up again in the evening. I’m going to do ‘legs’ and ‘overall’ today and hope I can work my way through the soreness. When the leaves dry out again, I’ll do another afternoon outside and get the rest of the mulch I need.

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