Leaf Mulching Day!




Recently I made enough leaf mulch to fill all the flower planters around the house. Now I’ve noticed that the mulch is packing down – as it should – so I need to make more. Happily, we’re awash in leaves everywhere!



I plan to make enough mulch today to top off all the planters in the yard and then fill three more large leaf bags to store in the garage over the winter to be used in the spring.




I’ll work awhile, then come in to drink lots of water and rest a bit before doing another session.




I really have a nice system now for mulching – my WORX mulcher, a nice canvas collapsible barrel, big yellow ‘hands’ to scoop up the leaves, and a huge rake!

Lots of good exercise today in a sunny, crisp fall day!



Filed under Arkansas, Gardening

2 responses to “Leaf Mulching Day!

  1. It looks good and sounds great with such a nice weather Linda. Here we have had rain, lightening and thunder all day, started yesterday…..
    Enjoy your wonderful weather 🙂

    • I am, thanks, Irene, but I envy you the rain. Not so much the thunder and lightning, but we’re in need of a good, soaking rain here. I’ve made two large leaf bags of mulch so far, and distributed them. Taking a break for lunch and then will go back out. I’m still topping off the planters I thought were finished. :0) No rest for the wicked…

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