Hopelessly Spoiled


This showed up this morning!  We weren’t up yet when it was delivered, but whoever it was pushed the package through the cat door in the garage, making lots of noise with our driveway detector.  As you can see, the company personalizes the art box. :0)



I was dazzled by the wonderful array of art media when I opened the suitcase type box! Here there are watercolors on the left with nice places to put water under each group of watercolors. There is a beautiful group of oil pastels. I’ve used ‘regular’ pastels, but never oil, so my mouth is watering. You can also see there are two brushes.



On the other side is a nice group of colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and two nice erasers. There is also a group of colored pens.

My husband said he found this offer on Brad’s Deals, a favorite free-subscription-to-nice-deals-on-all-kinds-of-things place.

I’m really looking forward to using this. I can take it anywhere, bringing a bottle of water and some paper, and be all set up for some serious playing!

What a happy gift!



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3 responses to “Hopelessly Spoiled

  1. What a wonderful gift, Linda 🙂

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