Bookish Problem

I Love Reading Books via Cathy Ruggiero

I Love Reading Books via Cathy Ruggiero

I have almost all the books Robert B. Parker ever wrote, including the Spenser series, the Jesse Stone series, the Sunny Randall series, the westerns, the books for youths, etc. I have about 50 books and I just finished re-reading them. I’m feeling a bit blue now, since I probably won’t read them again for awhile, but insanely rich that I can pick one any time I want and dive into his world of wit, wry dialogue, great stories, and characters I know and care about.

For the next few days I’ll dabble in all the wonderful things on my Kindle, letting all the good work from Mr. Parker settle once again in my psyche.


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4 responses to “Bookish Problem

  1. That is so awesome to have so many books by an author you love !!!
    In the last few months I have indulged myself in a stack of wonderful books from Amazon. So, I have them on a bookshelf in our bedroom !! I have been so busy I have not really done them much justice, but I am happy to see them sitting there waiting for me to read !!! I read a couple I had bought a few months before that, some fun ones written by some celebrities I enjoy, so they were light fun reads. Winter is nice , curl up and read weather, so I have no doubt I will get through them all in the next few months !!

    • I love it that you have a stack of good books waiting for you to make time for them! YOU’RE rich in books, too! I really like my Kindle – to take in my purse when I know I’ll be waiting to see the doc or similar, but nothing beats a real book you hold in your hands, dog-ear the corners of, dust as needed, ready to be enjoyed again and again. Now I’ve started reading my favorite Nora Roberts series again, and have Inferno and John Adams biography waiting…

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