“The Proof is in the Pudding”




The original quote was, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” And what it meant was that you had to try out food to know whether it was good.

I told you about getting work done on our driveway yesterday, and hoping it would help our UPS driver get traction trying to come up our steep driveway to bring us deliveries, even though we could only afford to do about 1/6th of the driveway.



This morning the FEDEX guy came up. My husband came in, telling me that he was raving about how much easier it was to get up the driveway – and this was while having to drive around the saw horse we left down there until a few minutes ago, protecting the part where they did extra tar and extra chips.

My husband just drove down to get our mail and said he couldn’t tell where the FEDEX guy drove up – a BEAUTIFUL difference! We’ll wait to see what the UPS man says the next time he brings us a package, but it looks like the driveway people did a good job for us.



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