New Mailbox Decoration for Christmas in the Works!


I found this picture on the net a month or so ago. My husband said he didn’t like the Christmas tree we’ve displayed for a couple of years now, and wanted something different. I saved a bunch of possible images and finally got him to look at them a few days ago. We decided on this one.

My husband got onto his computer and ‘did his magic’, transforming an image to a code that the computer can recognize and recreate using the plasma torch, cutting the outline out of a sheet of metal. I will never cease to be amazed that he can do this. I love watching the torch cut the piece out of metal, untouched by human hands!

After we cut the outline, my husband chipped the slag off the back of the piece with a power tool, and then built and added the metal support that attaches the piece to our mailbox.

He then hung up the decoration outside and sprayed it with primer spray – a billious yellow we had plenty of – that will keep the piece from rusting.

We hung it up on a stand in the shop. We had printed a transparency of the design and put that on our overhead projector, turning off the lights in the shop so that I could use a magic marker and mark the design on the metal, front and back. (This one was more complicated because we had to do the Santa and the lettering separately so that it could be read on both sides.)

I’m now painting the decoration in the shop. I’m first just making sure the right color is where it should be on the front side.  I did the white yesterday on the front. After I get the color blocked on the front, I’ll turn it over and paint it on the back.

I’ve ordered some clear glitter glue to paint over the red and green to make it sparkle. I’ve also ordered a special paint called, “Sno-Tex” that will give the white a lot more texture. I’ve never used either of these, so it’ll be fun to see if the results will come close to the picture in my mind’s eye.

I’ll take pics as progress is made and post them.


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2 responses to “New Mailbox Decoration for Christmas in the Works!

  1. It sounds like an exciting project, Linda 🙂
    I’m looking forward to see the result.

    • I love working on these, Irene. Our shop is set up now so that I have a painting table, a fan, good lights, shelves, and a roll-around metal table where I do the actual painting. It’s a pleasure to work out there. I hope the project will turn out well. I’ll post progress pics as I have them.

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