Too Much Yard Work!

Every day I’ve been getting out and cleaning out flower beds. I never thought one could have too many flower planters, but this time of the year, it’s a bit too much for this old broad. We built 17 brick planters over the years, mostly when our son was here and able to help with all the work. Some of them are 8 feet long by about two feet wide. Others are 4 feet square. We have them in various places all around the house. ( I finally stopped this post and went around the house counting the planters because the numbers in my mind kept changing)  :0).

We built these because we live on top of a ridge line. There is no ‘soil’ up here. We had to blast with dynamite in order to build the house and put in a septic system. The only soil we have around the house was trucked in. I tried to create ‘beds’ the first couple of years we were here, but it was too much work, even 30 years ago.

We have now converted one 8 foot planter and one square one to square foot garden planters. One is in a nook between the back of the house and the porch. The other is on the east side of the house. We plan to use both of these for growing tomatoes in the spring and summer.

That leaves – 15 planters to clean out, prune back, and then fill with the leaf mulch I’ve made.

I’ve finished 5.



This gives you an idea of what I’m doing.

A couple of planters are ready for mulch. 3 more are about half cleaned out. Several haven’t been touched yet.  I’m hoping that if I can get out there for awhile each day, I’ll finish by the end of the week.

We’re trying to work through our “Getting Ready for Winter” list, too. Some of the stuff is quick and easy. Other things are “it takes two of us,” and some are down right hard. We’ll do a few of those each day, too.

I hope that the weather where you are encourages you to spend time outside. Except for the seemingly endless amount of work involved, I’m loving the cooler weather!


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2 responses to “Too Much Yard Work!

  1. You are having such nice possibilities with your garden Linda and you are both getting great exercise with all the hard work too 🙂

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