Getting the Lard Off – November 9, 2016

I’m still trying to curb my after dinner eating. I’m getting better, though the problem is not yet completely solved.  For some reason, it’s almost as if I had a tapeworm. I feel hungry soon after eating dinner, though our dinner is low carb. That’s some kind of emotional hang-up that I’m determined to stop.

Yesterday I cooked up a storm.

  • I hard-boiled a bunch of eggs for my breakfast and our snacks
  • I made a batch of sausage balls for lunches and snacks
  • I made sugar-free banana pudding for my husband (He loved it!)
  • I made a low carb meatloaf that my husband raved about (I’ll share the recipe later today)

In-between I was cleaning up and running the dishwasher again, plus washing clothes, stripping our bed and working in the flower beds. I had a really full, satisfying day.

Today I tried two new sections of my 2-DVD-set of “Gentle Yoga.”

The first was for “Legs” and the second was for “Balance.” I’m feeling a lot more relaxed now and I’m happy I bought the set. Tomorrow I’ll try the “Overall Flow” section, the last in the set. My goal is to do some yoga each day. My body is feeling looser and more relaxed and this will improve as I practice. I really like and trust the teacher of these poses, and I feel that I’m getting in touch with my body in a way I have never done before. It’s wonderful.

Doctor appointments for both me and my husband tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see how we’re doing, discuss where we’re trying to go and ways to get there, and keep on keepin’ on.


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4 responses to “Getting the Lard Off – November 9, 2016

  1. You are really doing your best Linda 🙂
    Now I eat my warm food at midday and after that I feel a need for something sweet beside my coffee. Then I enjoy 2 pieces of Dark Chocolate, min. 70% of cacao. This helps a lot. After my late food I serve few pieces of fruit as a little dessert, but in same plate. This helps me to keep my sugar intake lower.
    I joined my new yoga-class yesterday for first time, because I was sick with influenza last week, so didn’t come much more outside that for the walks with Odin.
    The yoga was intensive, we were 2 + the teacher. It was very tough, but also fun and I smiled and felt more alive than long time after the yoga. So I go again tomorrow.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Irene. I KNOW this is emotional eating, rather than hunger. I just need to find my motivation again. I’m sorry you were ill last week. Congratulations that you did well at the first yoga class. I KNOW that you ARE folding yourself into a paper airplane in some of the poses, and you probably do it quite gracefully. I’m really happy to have found the deep stretching yoga for old ladies. I’m feeling better. I’m glad you’re going again tomorrow. Do well!

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