Working My Way Around the Yard

Today I started my fall cleaning out of the flower beds and adding the leaf mulch I’ve been making.  I’ve done 4 out of the 14 brick flower beds we have. I’ve learned that I need to run the leaves through the mulcher another time before putting the stuff in the beds. That’s easy, and doesn’t take a lot of time, since they’ve been through once.



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I’m bringing in some last hydrangea that are still pretty, plus some zinnias and some roses. I’ve used two of the six leaf bags of mulch I’ve made.

I was taking a break and my husband came in from the shop, wanting ‘my help’ on his set up for reloading ammunition. What he ACTUALLY wanted was for me to watch him do the reloading cycle, oohing and ahhing over all the steps involved and the precision equipment he has now. It’s an interesting process. I love the set of scales he has. He has a special spoon for each type of ammo that allows him to get really close to the amount he needs. Then there’s another wonderful thing that puts out two or three grains of gunpowder at a time while he watches the scale to get the amount as close to perfect as possible.

Since I oohed and ahhed over his reloading set up, I had him come out to the garden, where I spent three hours cleaning things up and harvesting yesterday, and then out to the front of the house to look at the flower beds I’ve finished so far.

He’s back to loading more ammo, and I’m finishing my break before doing another cleaning-out/pruning/mulching session. The weather today is absolutely perfect for working outside. It’s cool enough that I would need long sleeves or a hoodie to be comfortable just sitting. While I’m working, I couldn’t be more comfortable – unless I were about 50 years younger….

I hope YOU’RE having a wonderful day, too!


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6 responses to “Working My Way Around the Yard

  1. Your garden looks so good Linda, great work 🙂

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