Getting the Lard Off Progress (?) Report – November 2, 2016

Amy Adenoro

Amy Adenoro

I’ve been on a roller-coaster since about the middle of October. At that time my husband finally got serious about trying to avoid sugar. That might sound easy, but it’s been pretty traumatic around here. He LOVES sugar and was in denial about his problem and its inevitable consequences. I’ve been scrambling to figure out what we’re eating while trying to find something he can drink instead of soda, something to eat besides candy, and then some kind of dessert for him to look forward to.

I’ve also found, in my research so far, that simply trying to get sugar-free everything isn’t the answer. First my husband is REALLY sensitive to any alternative for sugar aftertaste. This week we’ve finally settled on Arizona Peach Sugar Free Tea, after buying and trying at least six other things. We found sugar-free hard candy easily enough, but he’s finding out the hard way that eating too much sugar-free candy has its consequences. He’s cutting that back on his own now. We’ve found ‘no added sugar’ pies that are good, and he likes a kind of cobbler that my wonderful cousin-in-law/friend Murray gave me.

I also discovered in my reading that, even if you cut out all the sugar you can, your body uses carbs to manufacture its own sugar! He tried giving up his cold cereal, but was unhappy, so we’ve done the next best thing – Special K is the best one for diabetics, since it’s not made from wheat.

Since low carb eating is also good for diabetics, I found a low carb for diabetics cook book. This is an ongoing process, but it took my attention and motivation away from my own challenges. In the past week I’ve gotten serious again, trying desperately not to eat after dinner, except for my orange dream bar as I used to do. This has been remarkably hard to do, since I’m staying up until at least midnight because my husband’s restless leg problem is better if he goes right to sleep, rather than our reading in bed as we’ve done for a hundred years or so. I found that delaying our dessert until 10:30 or so helps with my eating anything in sight…


I’m finished with the excuses now. I’m back on my “low carb and exercising” horse again. With all the flailing around for almost a month, my weight loss is now 41 pounds. My inches loss is now 18.25″.

I started yoga (for old broads, 60+) about a week ago and I have to say I enjoy it. I’m not in any danger of becoming a gym rat, but I don’t dread doing yoga and really do feel relaxed afterward. Today I’m planning to do the last two sections on the 2nd DVD: “Legs” and “Overall Flow” (I think it’s called.)  The DVD series is called, “Gentle Yoga.”

We’re supposed to get rain late tonight and into tomorrow morning, so I’m planning to do weed eating across the back yard where we have to clean up a bit after wonderful Shane cut down a bunch of stuff to open up our view again and create a fire break. I also plan to create a lot more leaf mulch while the leaves are dry, harvest lettuce, etc.

I’m disgusted with myself that I allowed myself to be thrown for a loop over the changes needed in our lifestyle. I excuse myself a bit because I’m very fond of my husband and want him to live – feeling better and better – for a good, long time. That involves finding replacements for the important luxuries in his life. He seems to be adjusting pretty well now after some depression. He still threatens to stop all the good efforts if his sugar numbers don’t get lower as fast as he would like. That’s an ongoing discussion as well…

I feel good that I’ve stayed on my low carb plan really well the past two or three days now, and some of the regained lard is coming off. The yoga is making me feel looser and stronger, though I did have a bit of leg aching last night. I think I’ll feel better and better as I continue my practice.  The last two sections today, plus my day doing yard work, will be a really good amount of exercise for me today.

I hope that you, also, will try to


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7 responses to “Getting the Lard Off Progress (?) Report – November 2, 2016

  1. Good that you are staying on your line Linda, less good for your husband to get diabetes. I suppose, that you do know, that not natural sugar is a very unhealthy additive. Better to avoid it totally. Fx one diet coke daily are killing the health. You can find a lot about it, if you google it.
    I do have restless leg too and I found out, that I needed Magnesium in some way. The chemical Magnesium I don’t like, so I bought a bottle with Magnesium Oil, where I can spray directly at my leg, it dries very fast and even my sensitive cats don’t mind it in smell.
    If you wish more information about this oil, I can find out. I use it, when I can feel the problem myself and it helps so very much.

    • I hear you on the sugar substitutes, Irene, but my husband is so addicted that if I don’t find alternatives as a first step, he’ll give up entirely. I’ll try to wean him off the substitues as soon as I can. The first step is to break the sugar habit and find other things he likes. Thanks for the tip on the magnesium oil. I googled it and was pleased with what I read. I ordered some and have my fingers crossed that it will help him. I’m glad to hear it helps you. It’s such an annoying problem!

      • I do understand, that it is a serious problem with the sweet Linda and you are right.
        In Denmark, when people have this problem, the doctors tell people to eat dark/black bread several times a day, because it is very healthy and fill up the stomach and take away the feeling of so much sweet, because it is stabilizing the blood sugar. Maybe an idea.
        I would love to hear about your results with the Magnesium Oil. Yes, it destroy the sleep too.

        • The dark/black bread sounds like a good idea, Irene. I’ll keep this idea on hold, though. My husband only likes the really nutritionless white bread. :0( I’ve gotten him to quit eating that, but I’m not sure he’ll entertain eating a different kind of bread. I really appreciate your kind suggestions, Irene.

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