Gift of Love

Sew Mama Sew

Sew Mama Sew

This picture gives you an idea of what my good friend Kay is making for her sister, who has Alzheimer’s. She showed it to us yesterday at Lunch Bunch, and I’ve had tears in my eyes off an on every time I think of it.

Kay’s sister is always doing something with her hands when Kay visits – folding a piece of paper, then unfolding it, worrying a thread she found, etc. Kay got the idea that she might enjoy a quilt that had lots of interesting and fun things to do, as well as serving as a lap robe in her chair.

There’s a

  • zipper to zip and unzip,
  • a ribbon tied in a bow that she can untie, then tie again
  • a snugly material right in the center with openings on both sides so that her sister can put her hands in it to keep them warm
  • a stuffed doggie that barks when you squeeze him
  • and she’s making a quilt ‘book’ that her sister can enjoy, turning the pages

I may be forgetting something, but you get the idea. I’ve never heard of a more thoughtful gift, or one that shows more love and compassion.


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3 responses to “Gift of Love

  1. I agree Linda, this is really a beautiful gift for her sister 🙂


    Dear Linda, Your friend Kay not only has designed a wonderful gift for her sister BUT I bet she has also created a item for which there would be a market. I think she’s created a business.

    Take care!😃

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    • Hi, Cathy. Thanks for writing. I agree, but I don’t think Kay wants to start a business now. Maybe I’m wrong, though, and I’ll sure tell her what you said. I think she’s hoping that others will make these as Christmas presents for everyone in nursing homes near them. She’s a really creative lady. If I didn’t love her so much, I would hate her. She can do EVERYTHING. :0)

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