Master Bath Cleaning/Reorganization Project is Finished!


One set of shelves



Second set of shelves



Main part of bathroom – vanities are on the right. Closet is to the right, as well. Shower to the left.



Vanities with now clean/organized drawers!



Shower room – shower is to the right.



My closet.

The project took several days, but we spent several YEARS stuffing things into drawers and shelves. We can find everything now. Nothing falls on us when we open a door, cabinet door, or drawer. We actually have lots of places we can put things! It will take us a bit of time to get things as out-of-control as they were. The trash man will be impressed with the amount of ‘stuff’ we’re getting rid of this week. :0)


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5 responses to “Master Bath Cleaning/Reorganization Project is Finished!

  1. Very well done Linda and it gives a feeling of release to get rid of so many things and to be able to find around again 🙂

  2. It really looks nice !! Your hard work shows !! I love being organized and I am hoping now that the kids are moving out and I will have more room that I can get there too !!
    I love your nice big bathroom and the wood on the vanity is so pretty !! I love warm rich wood like that !! Our master is tiny so I have one of those silly little presswood white vanities that has a small sink in it. Still better than the bigger sink on the pedestal sink we just took out , I like having the storage much better than a bigger sink !!

    • Thanks for your kind words about my cleaning and reorganizing efforts, Stephie. I wish I were the kind of person who could keep things cleaned up and organized all the time, but I’ll have to settle for going through things when I’m disgusted. :0) We love our large bathroom. When we built here 30 years ago, we emphasized several bathrooms and built-in storage. We’ve been very lucky. I hear you on being able to get organized once your kids move out. I love what you did in the yard – the new fence, etc. You have a treasure there.

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