Fold Yourself into a Paper Airplane and…

A few weeks ago I ordered a 2-DVD set called, “Gentle Yoga.” I received it in the mail yesterday and thought I would listen to part of the first one today to get an idea of what I would be trying to do ‘soon.’

An hour later, I had listened to the introduction, which stressed that this yoga exercise was for people 60 and older, who had ‘issues’ of various types or had had surgery, sedentary folks, and those who had never done this before. That was encouraging!  I also TRIED one section of the 1st DVD called “Neck and Shoulders.”

I have to admit I’m amazed. Although I’m not as flexible as I would like to be by a long shot, I was able to do everything the teacher asked. I just ‘did what I could do’ as she suggested on each of the poses, concentrating on BREATHING while in the poses and trying to relax into each stretch. We did things for the neck, shoulders and jaw. We ended the session stretched out, completely relaxed, for as long as we wanted.

I also have to admit that I guess I don’t really relax much. During the ending relaxing session, I kept opening my eyes to see if the session were over, and there was a beautiful moving picture of a nice stream in the middle of a beautiful green landscape with lots of trees. I did this three times before the session was actually over. A lesson in itself!

My neck and shoulders don’t feel as relaxed as they would if I had had a massage, but they definitely feel more relaxed, looser, and BETTER than they did when I started. AND, as I learn to do what she’s asking better and better, my results are supposed to improve.

My goal will be to do the first DVD, concentrating on neck and shoulders, joint mobility, and lower back one day, and then the 2nd DVD, concentrating on spinal health, hips/legs/balance, and overall flow the next day.

I feel excited about this. I know I need it, and that it can do me a lot of good. The teacher is very good, emphasizing that you just try each thing, doing the best you can each time, and not worry about anything. Even learn to take yourself less seriously.

My mantra of ‘be better than you were yesterday’ fits right in here!



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13 responses to “Fold Yourself into a Paper Airplane and…

  1. Good for you! I started yoga again (after a about a 40 year absence) two years ago. I didn’t realize how stiff I had become — it was embarrassing. It’s been a long slow process, but I’m glad I stayed with it. Being able to follow online classes has worked very well for me. Just a few months from turning 60 I feel great.

  2. You are doing great with the yoga, Linda 🙂
    Yoga is so good for us.

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