Painting the Propane Tank Project – Light Green!



This is our 1000 gallon propane tank after pressure washing. It looked a LOT better than it did, but paint was peeling and we had to repaint. My husband thought we should paint it white again. I decided that was boring and looked for other ideas.


I found this cute idea on the net, but don’t know who came up with it.


Our friend Carla came over about 7pm last night and we got started. Since our paint sprayer didn’t like the exterior latex paint, I opted to use rollers for the base coat.


We got most of the base coat done last night.



I’m going to paint the pipe that goes in front of the tank the same green to help it blend in.



I have feet of the propane tank, areas we missed, and some that need a second coat with a brush today.



My husband painted the dome with a brush. I decided to give it another coat with my roller and knocked the whole thing off, upside down, into the grass. :0(  We sprayed off the grass and dirt and left it to dry. I’ll repaint it today.

Once this is dry, I’ll start with the darker green paint. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to try to make it look like a wedge has been cut out of the watermelon or not.  I would try to mainly do the vertical slice. I haven’t decided about painting the wedge, either.

I would welcome your opinion.



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