Painting Party and Cookout

My husband and I tried to use the paint sprayer a couple of evenings ago to paint the light green basecoat on the 1000 gallon propane tank. We tried adjusting the spray and changing the nozzles to no avail. My husband now has an order in for a nozzle that is supposed to be for exterior latex paint, but I’m going to go ahead and do the tank.



This is the watermelon design we found on the net, created by some creative someone. I wish I could give credit, but it wasn’t supplied. Anyway, we laughed when we saw it and hope visitors to our place will do the same.

Our good friend Carla wanted to know if I wanted help painting the tank. DID I!!!!! My husband is showing no interest in the project, particularly now that the spray painter let us down. Carla is coming for a ‘Painting Party and Cookout’ this evening about 7, when it starts cooling off a bit (we hope). While we’re painting, my husband will grill some delicious burgers for dinner.

We have short rollers and a long roller and several roller heads, so I’m hoping that the two of us can make pretty short work of the painting of the light green first coat. I have no idea if we’ll need one coat or need two to get a really good base, but we’ll see. Then when it’s dry, I’m hoping she’ll return to help me free hand the dark green paint.

I’ll post pics when we get the first coat of light green paint done.

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