Lewis Metal Critters – Take 3


Dog with Bone

We had fun making this piece particularly because he is in three pieces: body and legs, head, and tail. He lives close to our propane tank. We can move the head so that he’s looking at people, and his tail can be moved so it looks perky. Our pit bull’s reaction to him when we first put him out was to walk over, sniff him, and then calmly pee on him. Not our best compliment….




This is our guard dog. He is attached to a huge boulder to one side of the upper part of our driveway.  He is made completely with cut out sheet metal. We used some pipe as part of the rifle,ball bearings for his fingers and toes, and wire for his whiskers.  We attached a “Beware of the Dog” sign.



This is a black kitty cat. The head and feet are sheet metal. We used welding rods for his whiskers, ball bearings on his feet, and cat’s eye marbles for his eyes. He is powder-coated, so he won’t have any problem being out in the weather.

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