What you see before you is a losing Powerball receipt for 5 tickets. I was in high hopes last night that I would be the winner of $400 million dollars. ($223 million if I wanted it in cash at one time, which I did). Then, after the Feds and the state got their cuts, I might have been left with $100 million, give or take a few.

I’m sighing as I type this. I really could have had fun with $100 million bucks… I only buy tickets when the prize gets to $400 million or so. I don’t want to get into the habit of gambling. :0)

Even though I lost, I haven’t lost hope.

The Publisher’s Clearing House has been sending me LOTS of emails telling me how special I am.

Their next drawing for $7,000/week for life is in November sometime.

Maybe if I hold my mouth right…..


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