One Reason for a Long Marriage


I’ve told you that my husband and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary in June.  One of the many reasons our marriage has lasted is that we don’t bore each other.

We don’t agree on much. We don’t even use the same SALT! This makes for some very interesting ‘discussions,’ to say the least. Buying furniture or creating the metal daisy we’re working on now can be real challenges. Sometimes we agree to disagree. Sometimes we compromise. Sometimes we take ‘turns’ getting our way. Mostly, we respect the fact that we are both individuals with strong opinions – and are amazed at the many years we’ve survived together.

A lot of people stay together because of habit, or because one or both of them is afraid to be alone and on their own. Some stay together ‘because of the children,’ or because it’s too complicated to get a divorce. I feel very, very sorry for these people. They don’t have a ‘marriage.’ They’re simply living through another day, and life is WAAAAY too short for that.

We enjoy being together. When we married, we wanted to share the rest of our lives, regardless of what happened. We found each other interesting to talk to, and we’ve continued learning about each other for what seems like our whole lives now.

We’ve had some health scares as we’ve gotten older, and we’re combating this by trying to get rid of our excess lard and exercise every day. We do agree on this! :0) We’ll never have enough time together!

My husband brought me to tears today, in the middle of nothing in particular happening!

We were eating lunch and catching up on the business news. All of a sudden, he asked me, “Were you happy with your wedding?”

I came back flippantly with, “It’s a little bit late to be asking that, but yes, I loved my wedding.”

He said, “Your dress was really pretty.”

I was still amazed we were talking about it, and answered, “My parents paid $100.00 for that dress, and I felt really guilty. It was the most expensive dress I’ve ever had.”

He said, “Your dress was beautiful, and the veil you wore went with it perfectly. You were so beautiful my eyes watered.”

Well. That did it. I teared up.  He didn’t say that at the time, though I didn’t notice it then. The fact that he told me that today – in the middle of nothing – simply took my breath away.

Isn’t it wonderful that we never really know another person – and our love just grows and grows without limit?


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6 responses to “One Reason for a Long Marriage

  1. My hubby and I are coming upon 30 years married, 35 together, later this month. I find him infinitely interesting, annoying, loving, exasperating, loyal and mine! ^_^ It’s the best period of time I’ve ever spent! LOL

    • I loved your comment! It sounds like you two won the lottery, too! I’m happy for you. Congrats on the 30 years ‘married,’ and 35 ‘together.’ We count ours that way, too – 43 years ‘married,’ and 52 years ‘together.’ May you share many, many more years. Thanks for writing.

  2. Sweet. And love the owl pics!

    • Thank you! I love the owl pics, too. I think we’re actually beginning to LOOK like them. We made some 4 foot tall metal owls for each side of our driveway. I’ve considered them ‘us’ ever since. :0)

  3. sherrydmcgrath

    Funny, I thought the same thing about the owls -and I have more to add to my page. I enjoyed your story-Happy Anniversary! Tim and I have been together for 32 years. I had no idea and was a little scared of what it would be like after raising our son and it just becomes the two of us. I didn’t remember what it was like. But, now I do. And it is the same thing that brought us together-you have the same interests. Although, I am nowhere nearly as political as he is, we agree on and share other interests.
    He even enjoys (or so it seems) eating Vegetarian or Pescetarian with me,
    because I don’t eat farm raised or wild animals. He respects my feelings and I don’t judge him for liking to tear into a piece of flesh!

    • Hi, Sherry. I’m glad you and Tim are doing so well. Treating each other well, and valuing your differences, as well as the interests you share, is such a good thing. :0) Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We hope we have MANY more years together. Send me more for your page whenever you’re ready. Thanks for writing.

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