Maya Angelou Wisdom

credit - Maya Angelou via Lessons Learned in Life via thebreastcancersite

credit – Maya Angelou via Lessons Learned in Life via thebreastcancersite

Here’s to all the wonderful people I’ve known – for a long time, and for a shorter time. The capacity of the human heart to expand essentially forever – embracing people who mean the world to us – is truly one of life’s miracles. Each day gives us yet another opportunity to reach out to those who have changed our lives forever…

“Make new friends
but keep the old.
One is silver
and the other gold.”  (one of my favorite rounds to sing in childhood. When everyone is singing, it sounds like bells ringing.)

“A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.” – Fr. Jerome Cummings

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Happy Friday

credit - TigerLaw

credit -

I love this photo of the bird preparing for the future, resting for a bit in the sunshine on a perfect day.

My day has been really nice. We slept late, ate a leisurely breakfast, spent a bit of time at the computers before my husband left to drive to Roland, OK (an hour or so from us) to get help on a better ham radio antenna. The head of the amateur ham radio club of Fort Smith said he would be happy to help, so we ordered the needed materials. They arrived yesterday, and my husband is at Mike’s house now, hopefully building an antenna that will allow him to receive and send better here at home. We’ll have to try to shoot the line over a tall tree in front of our house to get the antenna high enough for good reception. I think we only have to work on ONE side of the existing antenna, adding length and shooting one end over a higher tree limb in order to improve things. I’m also hoping that my husband can simply sit and listen to Mike as he is on the radio, learning protocol and the ins and outs of what is good procedure, etc. It’s amazing that with all the books out on the subject, no one has bothered to write one that covers the BASICS of getting started, how to contact others, what to do when you’re successful in reaching someone else, etc.  Maybe I can convince my husband to write a good book on the subject!

I just returned from Lunch Bunch. We have a new member of the group! Ann is from Texas. She’s a long-time friend of Linda’s. It has taken YEARS for things to be right for her to finally move here. They are both delighted, of course, and Kay and I are enjoying welcoming Ann into the group. Now my husband will be sharing lunch with FOUR women (kind of like the new “Outnumbered” show on Fox News Channel. :0)

I’m going to go out to the shop and work on the back side of Catbert this afternoon. My husband and I are still figuring out what we want to put on the paper in his hand. The “Beatings will continue until morale improves” is too long to fit on the paper so that people can read it from the road (assuming someone wants to), so I think we’ve decided to try “Eschew Obfuscation.”

Our weather is almost perfect right now, from our point of view. It’s sunny with highs in the 70’s. Next week it’s supposed to be even better. We LOVE being spoiled! I’m trying to spread my time between doing yard or garden work and work in the shop each day. No matter what I choose, I have a good time. We’ll probably cook out this evening. I LOVE this time of the year!

I hope you’re having a fun day, too.




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Catbert is coming together!

catbert RH

A couple of days ago I told you what a mess I was making of our newest mailbox decoration, “Catbert” from “Dilbert” by Scott Adams. We finally took the piece out, hung it from a hook on our A frame, and spray painting the whole thing, front and back, with orange paint. I was really bummed out, and just ignored things yesterday.

Today I decided I would tackle the project again. The spray painting job actually looked pretty good – MUCH better than the mess I had made trying to mix the paints we had. AND I could see the magic marker I had put on the piece to see where I was on the painting.

Today I pretty much finished the front of the piece. I want to add some words to the paper he’s holding, and my husband and I need to figure out how to tackle that, but otherwise, the front is finished.

It’s funny. Many of the pieces we’ve done in the past year have been MUCH more complicated and difficult to paint than this one; but this one has certainly been challenging in its way. You just never know.

It’s a good thing we both love this character created by Scott Adams. I’ll post pics when he’s finished and you can judge how well it turned out.


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Wise Words

credit - themankindproject via morgen marshall

credit -
themankindproject via morgen marshall

Finding some kind person who will allow you to rant and rave without having to give advice/pass judgment/or commiserate is a rare gift. I’m very lucky that I have TWO such people, and I’m very grateful.

Being a sounding post in return is a good thing, as well. JUST LISTENING helps.

I have tried to explain this to my husband to no avail for almost 50 years now. He feels he should SOLVE my problems, no matter what I say. You would think, given this amount of time, that either -

  • “I” would learn not to rant and rave about something to my husband, since he cannot just listen, or
  • “He” would learn that I just need to have a good rant now and then to keep my equanimity.

Morgen Marshall posted this on Facebook recently and I loved it. I love the proverb, but I particularly love the expression of the chimp.

To me, he reminds me that

  1. It’s not all about ME
  2. I still haven’t learned my lesson.
  3. and to remember I have TWO really sweet people who WILL just listen

May each of us find – and BE – a much-needed sounding post.

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Pick me up

Singing & Playing Dog

Singing & Playing Dog

My friend Layne Bailey shared this video on Facebook. I played it, laughed like a loon, then played it again for my husband across the room. He laughed, too. I played it again, and I’m still smiling.

Singing and Playing Dog – credit 107.5 Amor Radio via Layne Bailey

If, for some reason, the above link doesn’t work, here is the URL that you can copy and paste into your browser.


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Last call for spooky stuff


Hand-Painted-Glass-Halloween-Black-Cat – ID # 12464 by Rebecca Kelman

See the rest of Rebecca’s beautiful hand painted glassware for all occasions, seasons, holidays HERE



FALL-HALLOWEEN – “Fall Centerpiece” – ID # 15943 by Sherry Dell’aria-McGrath

See all of Sherry’s work on Creative Artworks HERE



HALLOWEEN – Felt “Count – Who Me?” – ID # 15857 by Charlene Bodero

See all of Charlene’s work on Creative Artworks HERE



Wine Charms – HALLOWEEN – Pick Your Poison – Set of 6 – ID # 15889 by Stephanie (Stephie) Wilson

See all of Stephie’s work on Creative Artworks HERE  (Take advantage of her new sale prices!)

Jump in and order Halloween goodies right away!

Happy Halloween!

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For ML and B

My heart goes out to you both today.

A few quotes about dog wisdom that make me smile -

“When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.”

“Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride.”

“Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.”

“If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven – and that very, very few persons.” – James Thurber

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credit - thecraftsreportmagazine via rebecca kanner kelman

credit -
thecraftsreportmagazine via rebecca kanner kelman

I love this quote by Danny Kaye – certainly a wonderful artist who ‘threw a lot of paint’ during his life to the benefit of all of us.

I let a lot of days drift by. I don’t kid myself, thinking I must ‘make a difference’ or do something really significant every day, but I DO want to be able to look back on the day and smile for some reason.

  • I may smile because I didn’t do anything, and loved not doing it. :0)
  • Maybe I visited via email, card, letter, phone, or in person with someone I really like or love.
  • Maybe I enjoyed working on a mailbox decoration, metal critter for the yard, or new piece of art upstairs in my art room.
  • My son may have sent a new audio of a song he’s learning to play and sing.
  • I walked in the yard and felt surrounded by flowers and veggies.
  • My husband and I grilled our dinner on the deck surrounded by our pets and our rope of rainbow lights that glow all around the ceiling of the deck.

‘Throwing paint’ can take lots of forms. Each person throws paint differently, but hopefully enjoys each color added to the canvas.

What color will you add to YOUR canvas today?

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Good morning

credit - vivian hernandez via ariaa jaeger

credit -
vivian hernandez via ariaa jaeger

I really don’t feel as bad as this looks – I just love this doggie and want to hug his neck and make him smile. Isn’t he a sweetheart? :0)

Yesterday I had a setback in the painting of Catbert. The two paints I tried to mix just weren’t happy together. I ended up with a mess. Combined with the fact that my husband thought the back side that had the first coat on it looked ‘awful,’ and I was one unhappy camper. After I fumed for a bit, we ended up taking the piece outside, hanging it up on our hook, and spray painting him orange on both sides. I have to admit he looked better, though I’m not looking forward to having to start completely over on all the details…

We decadently slept late this morning, so I feel rested!

I told you that instead of actually working in the yard or the garden, I went around taking pictures. One of my very best skills – perfected over many years – is the art of procrastination…

I showed you the pics of the garden. Today I want to share the pics of the flowers we are still enjoying until our first freeze.


We love wave petunias. This is one plant that spilled over its pot down into the planter next to it.




And this wave petunia is on the other side of the deck. I love the light lavender with the darker centers and lines streaking out.


This is yubi or purslane. We haven’t found a color we don’t enjoy.


We have several twice-blooming iris that I absolutely love. These bloom in the spring, and then again in October. What a treat!



I told you that the rains we had recently really did a number on our Rio Samba rose bushes, but these are the flowers remaining, and we have more buds.





And these are impatiens. They’re really happy in the shade of the house with the cooler temperatures. You can some of the ones we planted, and then the ‘volunteers’ that came up by themselves around the bottom of the planter.




And these are volunteers at the bottom of the planter on the other side of the front porch.

Our hydrangea plants are suddenly happy. I’ll try to get pics of those to share with you.

The fall here is so great, with the flowers from the spring and summer and the cooler temperatures. Who could be unhappy in weather like this?



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Kurt Vonnegut Wisdom

credit - Kurt Vonnegut via elephant journal via cathy ruggiero

credit – Kurt Vonnegut via elephant journal via cathy ruggiero

This is basically what my good friend, Debbye Hughes, told me about 15 years ago when she was fighting a recurrence of cancer. We were sitting on her bed, talking, and looking at her newest watercolors.

(I have a tribute to Debbye on my website, Creative Artworks HERE if you’d like to read it.)

To make a longer story short, I told her how much I loved her – and her watercolors – and how I wished I could do it. She challenged me that day to “JUST DO IT!” I accepted her challenge, and my life has been so much brighter and fuller ever since!

Kurt Vonnegut’s quote is true. I know it because I’m living it. I know it absolutely doesn’t matter if you’re any ‘good’ or not. When you try to create something, you step outside yourself, focusing on something intently, trying to work your will on it. Giving yourself permission to TRY, without thought of what someone else might think of it, purely for the joy of the DOING, is a freeing, WONDERFUL atmosphere!

If you do something that makes you smile while you’re in the DOING, you’ve enjoyed more than a lot of people ever do. Even if you pitch the end result, you can plan to try it – or something else – at another time. If, by some chance, you create something that is pleasing to someone else, your soul expands even more, filling you with joy. If, by some even more wonderful chance, someone likes what you’ve created enough to BUY it for themselves or someone else – part of your soul will live forever.

Most of my stuff is in the category of a child with finger paint. I immerse myself in the doing – and it’s so much fun!

Right now I’m trying to paint a large metal piece for our mailbox in the shape of Catbert from the cartoon strip “Dilbert” by Scott Adams. My husband looked at it yesterday and said, “That looks awful!” (He was speaking of the fact that the orange paint I’m using doesn’t cover the metal very well at all and might take a gazillion coats.) Happily enough, I have a different orange paint that I’ll mix with some red to hopefully get the shade I want and it will go better today. Whether it does or not, I’m having great fun trying to bring one of our favorite characters to life. Others will judge whether we’re successful or not. The DOING of it is enough for me.

Are you practicing some art today?

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Enjoying the fall garden



Succumbing to laziness, I just went around and took pictures today, rather than being productive. Here are two squares of Buttercrunch lettuce from the square foot garden. I’m going to let them be for another day or two, and then will start cutting off outer leaves to add to our salads.




Here are another 8 squares of Buttercrunch lettuce. I’m hoping that this crop will last until we have a really hard freeze.



Talk about teeny, tiny green bell peppers! I have 4 or 5 of them. :0)




I have 3 squares of romaine lettuce.



This is my first experiment growing kale. After talking with Murray – one of my favorite people – I’m researching some recipes for cooking it!

Otherwise, I cut down the asparagus fronds and am cleaning up the unused squares, cleaning up finished veggies, readying the garden for the fall and winter. I need to weed whack around the perimeter of the garden, etc. When the weather starts looking as if we might get ice or snow, we’ll peel back the tied down shade cover, roll it up and leave it attached to only one side of the garden for the winter.

I’m going to replenish my supply of compost types – cotton burr, mushroom, and barnyard – so I’ll have plenty of supplies ready to add for my spring garden.

I’m going to try again in February to start some seeds for my spring garden. One of these times, I’ll be successful!

Hope you’re enjoying some fresh veggies of some type at your house.


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I love Sundays

Catbert from Dilbert by Scott Adams

Catbert from Dilbert by Scott Adams

We’ve had a fun day.

We went grocery shopping and picked up doughnuts on the way home.

I just finished color blocking the back side of our Catbert mailbox decoration. The picture above shows the design we’re trying to do. The orange paint I’m using isn’t covering well at all, so I’m going to switch to another one for the second coat, hoping for the best.

We’re going to cook out tonight – grilling kielbasa and a basket of potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and carrots. This is one of our favorite meals, and the weather is perfect today.

Since it is, as soon as I rest a bit, I’m going out to tackle another planter in the yard. I’m hoping that the really nice weather will hold out until I can get things under control around here. I also need to work in my square foot garden, take pics, and more to share with you.

Mostly, we’re enjoying not having to rush around, meeting deadlines, having endless ‘have-to’s.’ We thoroughly enjoy spending quality time together, enjoying what we’ve built together, feeling rich in all but money. :0)


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Handle at your own risk!

joh_stevens_via cathy ruggerio

joh_stevens_via cathy ruggerio

Our son told us recently that some of the guys at work have formed a band and plan to compete in a Battle of the Bands next month.

Our son has embraced music for years. He plays guitar, drums, a bit of keyboard, plus loves to sing (though has only done it in public a few times. Now he’s learning the ukulele.

I’ve saved bits and pieces of his own music, playing it when I’m down. Recently he sent the new band’s practice of “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis.

I was so pleased at his singing. He would be mortified if I posted the link to it here for you. First, it’s a work in progress. Second, he is very choosy about when to share things.

Suffice to say I’m so proud of his efforts I’m bursting my buttons, and all appendages are crossed for his band to have a blast competing, whether they earn any sort of recognition or not.

Playing music is wonderful therapy, moving you to another place, surrounding you with an environment of your choosing. You can keep practicing until it’s the very best you can do. It’s a real quality of life thing, and I couldn’t be happier that our son is finally making time for it again.

Even if you don’t create music, the joys of listening to it can’t be overstated. It’s SO wonderful that I have to listen only when I’m not doing anything else – in the interest of safety. :0)

I hope that you can surround yourself with music on a regular basis, and that it truly lifts your spirits.

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I am!

I woke up feeling only ‘regularly old’ this morning, so I’ve been enjoying working in the yard today!

Our weather is PERFECT – sunny with a light breeze. The temperature is 69 degrees. It would be hard to be anything but joyful in weather like this. :0)

Today I pruned my poor Rio Samba rose bushes. I say, “poor” because the bushes were full of really fully open roses when our last big rains hit. I’ve never seen so many broken branches with roses hanging down! I found lots of buds, though  – so now that the bushes are newly pruned, we should have a nice display again in a couple of weeks.

After I finished with the three rose bushes, I started prepping my planters for fall. This is a big job because we have 14 brick planters of varying sizes and shapes around the yard and ALL of them need work. I have no GOOD excuses for not keeping up with things, but I’ll just get out there each day and try to get something done until all of them are looking as if someone cares again.

While I was working in one of the planters, my good husband mowed the yard for what we HOPE is the last time. Normally at this time of the year the grass has been ‘brown and crunchy’ for 2 or 3 months, our Bermuda grass killed off by the intense heat and dryness of August. This year we had a cooler summer and a MUCH wetter one, so the grass has grown steadily (while we watch!) all summer. We’re both ready for more fall-like yard work now, rather than mowing, edging, and leaf blowing over and over.

I made good headway in the first of the 14 planters today. Now, though, I’m planning to dig up the iris plants and redistribute them before I consider that planter ready for the mulch I hope to create when I use my new leaf blower/mulching vacuum tool soon.

Gardening is such a wonderful hobby!

  • I’m never bored
  • There is always something that I can do to improve things
  • As I work, I plan for changes I want to make – either right now or later
  • The yard can look wonderful with blooms all around, lifting my spirits
  • When the weather is nice, I lose myself, problems falling away as I concentrate on what my plants need
  • I don’t have to do everything at once. My plants are always a work in progress.
  • Things just get better and better as I add, encourage, replant, feed, weed, mulch, and plan…


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Another mailbox decoration finished!


This is the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. He’s about 3 feet tall and about the same wide. He has glitter on the container and his shoes, and black tubing running from the pipe to the container.





He’ll go up on the mailbox November 1st and will be there through the 15th.  I’ll take more pictures then.


Right now, we have the ghost for Halloween.





We prepped the next piece, “Catbert” (the HR Director in our favorite Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams), and I’ll start painting him soon.


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New Creative Artworks Blog Header – October 17, 2014



“Two-Subject-8×10-Pencil-Portrait” – ID # 4277 by Bethany Kerr 

Send digital pictures via email or photographs by U.S. mail and artist Bethany Kerr will work with you to create a beautiful 8 x 10 pencil portrait that will become a cherished heirloom! (Pictures shown are samples of what Bethany can create for you!) Finished portrait will be sent, along with any mailed photos, unframed and unmatted, sealed in clear plastic. Creation time is usually 2-4 weeks, unless portrait is for Christmas, when cut off for orders is the end of October. Shipped in a method that can be insured and tracked. Please email for custom order.

See all of Bethany Kerr’s samples, sizes, and pricing HERE




6″x9″-Handmade-Journal – ID # 464 by Lisa Richey

Handmade Journal in 6″ x 9″ size is created for you by Lisa Richey. (This picture is just one of many designs Lisa Richey offers.) Filled with 50 pages of recycled white paper and covered with handmade or other fine paper. We’ll contact you regarding a choice of cover papers to make the perfect journal!

See all of Lisa Richey’s journals, handmade cards, and handmade paper posters HERE



Scented-Petal-Soap-3-Gift-Boxes – ID # 8414 by Vivian Dee

Enhance your bathroom with Vivian Dee’s petal soaps and a supreme spa experience is only seconds away! Life is short! Make each day special with this wonderful extravagance! Also a nice gift! These beautiful petal soaps can also be used as a hand soap or for a morning shower. Dissolves easily. A gift box weighs about 20 grams and contains approximately 30 soft textured petal soaps. 3 Gift Boxes in Order. Please indicate your choice of: “Red petals with Strawberry scent,” “Pink with Rose scent,” “Pastel with Crisp Apple scent,” or “Yellow with Lime scent” in the special comments section of the order form. Ships in 2 to 3 business days. GIFT – BATH CONFETTI – WITH PURCHASE!

See all of Vivian Dee’s beautiful soaps, bath fizzers, flower soap, soap sponges, spa gifts, and more HERE




Floral-Wood-Burned-Wall-Art – ID # 12938 by Jane Loedding

After the wood burning process Jane Loedding hand painted the design in a ‘wash style’ with acrylic paints and varnished it for protection. Filled to the brim with colors galore this decorative wall art piece is very solid…it measures about 15″ wide and is 1 1/4″ thick. It’s very welcoming for spring time or any time of year. Would look great hanging on a wall, resting on your mantle or where ever you choose!

See all of Jane Loedding’s original paintings, hand painted signs, fridge magnets, new mommy wall clocks and more HERE

We have lots of unusual gifts for many on your list!

Come visit Creative Artworks! Handcrafted – Hand-Painted – Unique -AHHHH!

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Thursday Night

credit - Carolyn Cochran

credit -
Carolyn Cochran

I actually had a good day  – nevertheless, I feel like this sweet doggie.

I worked on painting the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland mailbox decoration this afternoon. We had a visit from a really good friend while I was doing that, so I happily stopped and visited with her. Hopefully, I can finish the painting tomorrow. I’ll share pics if I finish it.

I was still REALLY sore today from my gardening efforts recently, but my wonderful massage therapist, Lynn, came this morning and tuned me up. I’m sore right now, but she really performed miracles on this old body.  I think I forgot to tell you that while I was working in the garden, I harvested quite a few onions of various sizes, plus one tomato, plus a couple of green bell peppers! I still have a lot to do to get the garden under control, but I’ll concentrate on healing up a bit more before getting out there again.

My husband and I ran a lot of errands, brought home and wolfed down delicious submarine sandwiches, and did some stuff around the house.

I think I told you that my husband is trying to get a ham radio set up to work the way it’s supposed to. When we got home from eating at a favorite nearby cafe this evening – after the weekly check-in – a couple of the members talked to him about how he was set up, made suggestions, etc. He ordered more stuff on the net and will take it over to the local head of the amateur radio group and will build the new antenna and bring it home and set it up.

We planned to watch a new Kevin Costner movie, but the time got away from us this evening, so we’ll try again tomorrow.

Since the sore muscles – combined with my regular arthritis, kept me up last night – I’m looking forward to crashing and sleeping in a bit tomorrow.

I hope you had a fun, satisfying day today.


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Fall Garden Progress

credit -

credit –

I planted three kinds of lettuce yesterday, after weeding, pruning, etc. I finished the planting, but not all the weeding and pruning I want to do.  I’m going to try to get out there later this morning, though I feel about 108 right now, with LOTS of sore muscles :0).  Shows I need the exercise, doesn’t it! Get to work, Aleve!!!!

I’m going to try to do something significant out there each day until I have things under control again. THEN I’ll take some pics of my hopefully happy lettuces. Lettuce is a fall plant, but I don’t think ANYTHING continues to produce after the first or second hard freeze.

This year we’re learning from past mistakes and will roll back the shade cover on the garden, leaving it attached to one side before we get any winter storms. We think the pole on each corner of the garden would remain standing with the guy wires, but we think the fence between the poles is vulnerable to ice accumulation, so we won’t risk it.

I’m hoping that we can harvest lettuce until at least the end of November, if not through a lot of December this year.

Pics to follow.

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Once again I’ve had to admit defeat on trying to grow veggies from seeds. I’m down, but I’m definitely not out. In a last-ditch effort to be able to enjoy some fall garden veggies, my husband and I went to Sutherlands in Fort Smith to see if they had any veggies to plant. THEY DID!

This is Kale.




This is Buttercrunch lettuce. As you can see, it’s leggy, but plantable, so I scooped it up.



This is a fancy romaine type lettuce.




And this is more Buttercrunch.




This is the crop of what I’m going to try to get planted in the next day or so.

I need to weed, prune asparagus plants for winter, add Mel’s mix before planting, etc.

It’ll probably take me awhile, but I’m delighted that I found something I could plant. Hopefully, we’ll be enjoying fresh lettuce from our garden in our salads until winter arrives!

I’ll take pics of the garden once I get things under reasonable control.


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credit -

credit -

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Halloween Goodies


HALLOWEEN – “Pumpkin Candle Holder – Small”  – ID # 15940 by Sherry Dell’aria-McGrath

See other ceramics by Sherry Dell’aria McGrath



“Ghost-Trio” Handmade Greeting Card by Charlene Bodero

See other handmade cards by Charlene Bodero



 “Jack-O-Lantern”-Etched-Cylindrical-Vase – ID # 14414 by Linda Lewis

See other hand painted or etched glassware by Linda Lewis



Hand-Painted-Glass-Halloween-Black-Cat – ID # 12464 by Rebecca Kelman

See all hand painted glassware by Rebecca Kelman




“Vintage Pumpkin Earrings” – ID # 15918 by Stephanie (Stephie) Wilson

See all of Stephie Wilson’s Keychains & Jewelry 



Wine Charms – HALLOWEEN – Pick Your Poison – Set of 6 – ID # 15889 by Stephanie (Stephie) Wilson

See all wine charm sets by Stephie Wilson

Come and grab all things Halloween at Creative Artworks!

CREATIVE ARTWORKS – Handcrafted – Hand-Painted – Unique -AHHHH!

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credit -

credit -

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Hope for the future

credit - mary_balogh_via_cathy_ruggiero

credit -

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Let go

These are wise words, but difficult to do.

I’ve finally done it again, but the older I get, the harder it is.

The latest thing weighing me down was our foreign exchange student, Viv, announcing at the end of last month that she was going to live with a friend, rather than staying with us.  The fact that she wanted to live with another 16-year-old friend, who lived close to the action in town, was on the basketball team, drove a car, etc., was a no-brainer. I was very happy for her that she figured out a way to make her 10 months in the United States super-enjoyable.

The fact that we were the last to know, and it was announced to us as a done deal, with lots of deception, rather than allowing us to facilitate the change, hurt. A lot. This could have been handled much better, but I’m not in charge. I AM in control of how I react, though.

I am finally letting it go, only revisiting the pain of it when someone who hasn’t heard asks us how our ‘adventure’ is going.

Life is too short to wallow in a painful area. My husband and I have moved on now, getting back into our old, happy life of creating decorations for the mailbox, creating or refurbishing the metal critters we’ve built over the years, and deciding what we want to do – only thinking about the two of us.

I actually dreamed of painting the caterpillar last night! This is much more like my old self, dreaming of things that give me pleasure, or things I want to create. My wings are spreading!



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How do you carve YOUR pumpkin? – 2014 – Take 3

credit –


credit –







Want to find out how creative people can be? Just say, “Carve a pumpkin!”  Simply amazing.

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Happy Sunday!

We dodged the rain this morning, but we found our mild Wolf Brand Chili (but without beans) at one of the WalMarts in Fort Smith. We declared victory, did the rest of our grocery shopping there and came home.

We just came in from working in the shop. My husband finished his part on 4 other mailbox decorations while I continued painting the back side of the hookah smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. I finished the back side today. I’ll flip the piece over tomorrow. I’ve already finished the color blocking on the front, so I’m looking forward to doing the second coat and maybe finishing him up tomorrow. If I do, I’ll post pics.

Isn’t this a cute pic? I get just as messy as this little guy, but I don’t look NEARLY as cute as he does… :0)

Right now it can’t decide whether it wants to be sunny or not. The temperature is a nice 76 and we have windows and doors open to air out the house. I love this time of year, even though we having to dodge rain storms as the weather cools down. The weather folks are saying we have a “100%” chance of rain. That sounds pretty certain, doesn’t it.

We purchased a combination of leaf blower/mulcher recently. It does a GREAT job of cleaning up after we mow, but I was really more exciting about ‘vacuuming’ up the leaves, creating mulch, and then mulching my planters this year. I will absolutely LOVE it if this tool works well! It’s a Craftsman AC Blower/Mulcher.


This is the way it looks when you’re using it as a leaf blower.


This is what it looks like when you’re using it as a leaf vacuum/mulcher.

I’m like a kid with a new toy, waiting for the leaves to fall so I can try it out! :0)

Hope you have had a wonderful Sunday.


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Healthy Eating?

We’re having a lazy Sunday here, and it’s the perfect Sunday for it – 59 degrees, gray and drizzling outside, warm and dry inside.

We love MILD Wolf Brand Chili with Beans.  Apparently, there aren’t a lot of us, because we can’t get it – or order it – in Greenwood. They have several different kinds of Wolf Brand Chili, but not MILD. We ordered a case on the net awhile back, but we paid a fortune in shipping, so we decided to get serious about trying to find it within a reasonable driving distance. After looking for quite awhile, my husband discovered we could get it at the WalMarts in Fort Smith!

One of our go to comfort dinners when the weather cools  suddenly is chili mac – with macaroni, Wolf Brand Chili, onions, and shredded cheese. YUM!

We’ll get our act together this morning, drive over and see if can get a bunch.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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Piggies and pumpkins

credit - duirwaigh studios via cathy ruggiero

credit -
duirwaigh studios via cathy ruggiero

Your ‘awwwwwwwwww!’ for the day.


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Easily distracted

credit - titlewave via cathy ruggiero

credit -
titlewave via cathy ruggiero

My husband and I weathered storm #2 out in the shop. He was working on another of our mailbox decorations (we cut out 3, and then the other 2 at one time this time). He’s grinding off rough edges and then making the bars to which the decorations are welded and then the attachment piece for the mailbox. He then wipes them down with PRE and sprays the whole piece with primer paint that is anti-rust. He has finished with his part of 4 of the 5 decorations.

I’m much slower painting the pieces. I did about 2/3 of the color blocking of the back side of the hookah smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland today.

While we were out there, it really POURED. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it so loud. When the rain stopped, we decided to come back into the house, thinking there’s a really good chance we’ll lose power with at least one of these storms. We have a generator that comes on automatically in the house, but we have to do a bunch of switching to get generator power to the shop, so unless we have an emergency, we simply come in and wait for a better time to be out there.

So far, we seem to have lucked out on the storms. We didn’t see any trees or branches down as we walked from the shop to the house, and we haven’t lost power. Fingers are crossed. It’s a long time until Monday afternoon or evening when all this rain is supposed to be over….

Meanwhile I have several good books into which I can dive. I’ll grab a cup of coffee and snuggle under a throw in my recliner…

Hope you’re enjoying YOUR day!

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After Storm 1

The first storm has passed and we came through it fine.

credit - KFSM Channel 5

credit -
KFSM Channel 5

As you can see here, we’re in for a LOT of rain from this morning through Monday. I dashed out when we got home from Lunch Bunch and errands to take pics of the wonderful flowers we have before they’re battered.


Some of our purple iris are ‘twice-blooming’ iris, and we couldn’t love them more. They bloom in the spring, and then again in October!


Some of our hydrangea bushes have new life, thanks to the cooling weather.





Our impatiens is happy. We have a bowl like this, plus a brick planter, on either side of the front porch.



These are the ‘volunteer’ impatiens that planted themselves in the sliver of dirt between the sidewalk and the planter on the right side of the porch.



And these are the volunteers on the left side of the porch. :0)



Happy marigolds around the rose bushes….



The Rio Samba rose bushes had all but gone dormant. Now they’re alive with bright blooms!



We have three Rio Samba rose bushes.





And finally, this is a picture taken from the top of our driveway looking down.



The really blue sky was looking like more rain here, and the sky is darkening as I type. I hope the flying pig is securely held and the string doesn’t break…

The good news is that we don’t have to worry about flooding here on top of our ridge line. We DO have to watch out for high, gusty winds, lightning, and possible tornadoes….

Enjoy your day!

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