Another path

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I was preparing to vacuum and mop the tile on our first floor today when my husband came in and suggested we go buy flowers for the deck.

We came home with -

  • 4 mandevilla plants – 2 deep red and 2 yellow,
  • 2 wave petunia plants – 1 deep purple and 1 lavender with darker purple ‘veins’,
  • 1 hot pink geranium plant,
  • and 8 purslane plants – 2 orange, 2 yellow, and 2 pink, and 2 white

We still would like more plants, but this got the deck almost completely planted. We got the programmed watering system going, too, before we stopped.

Since I came in and promptly fell asleep in my chair while we were supposedly watching the news, my husband suggested when I woke up that we make a KFC run.

Now he’s watching a really violent movie while I do ‘other things.’

Today was a wonderful distraction from the path I thought I would take today. The floor will still be there waiting for my attention tomorrow. :0)


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Nightmare material!

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A Surprise at Lunch Bunch

credit - cindy basnett thurman

credit -
cindy basnett thurman

I had a delightful surprise today at Lunch Bunch – a very merry un-birthday party!

My birthday was March 9th, but my friends forgot in the heat of lots of stuff going on. Today they had a belated party for me! I received two pairs of wonderful earrings – a beautiful gold dangle-y pair with lots of intertwined rings, and a pair of “Ginger Snaps” earrings, a type I had never heard of before.

I may be the last person in the world to hear about these, but it’s a wonderful idea. The earrings have magnets in them, or are magnetized. Colorful ‘fronts’ snap into the back to make the earrings. Then, whenever you’d like, you can change the fronts with other designs!  My friend Kay told me where I could get more fronts.

I got a set of three votive candles in little glass holders that sat in a tray. When the candles were in place, there were pretty rocks to go around them, kind of like a Zen garden. I also got another jar candle that smells just like a bouquet of flowers. Two beautiful birthday cards – one made us laugh out loud, and pretty gift bags – one a bright spring yellow and the other a beautiful large bag with balloons, 3-D cutouts and glitter!

We had a nice lunch, catching up on the week’s events. As we left, my husband immediately drove to the place Kay told us about, insisting I find a second pair of ‘fronts’ for the new Ginger Snaps earrings. At the shop I saw my good friend Martha, who showed me a bracelet and necklace she was wearing in the same Ginger Snap idea. There is also jewelry to shoes and other things, too. I hope whoever came up with this idea makes a fortune. A truly fun, innovative idea!

A very merry un-birthday to me!

(They assured me I don’t have to be ANOTHER year older because of two separate celebrations…

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Happy Spring!

Spring has FINALLY sprung in my yard. I THINK we’re over the freezes now. I’m delighted that my square foot garden plants made it through what I hope was the last one covered by sheets. As I walk around my yard, my spirits get higher and higher. If spring has come to you, send me some pictures. If it hasn’t, and you’re one of the ones who just got more snow, I’m trying to send hope your way.


I have two azalea plants in planters in the front of our house. I love this color!

“An optimist is the human personification of spring.”  - Susan J. Bissonette




This is a camellia plant. It’s in a planter on the east side of the house. Every year it blooms, is gorgeous for one day, and then we have severe weather that beats the poor plant to a pulp. Maybe this year…



Here’s a close-up of the big, fat buds.

“It’s spring fever…. You don’t quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” Mark Twain



For a short time each spring the display of deep purple iris going down one side of our driveway lifts our spirits. My husband remarks on it every day as we leave or come back up from errands. I’m not sure if these are the twice-blooming variety that we have elsewhere or not. I hope so! (There are also yellow iris that bloom at a different time.)

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself”  Zen Proverb



We love wisteria, and have been trying to get some to grow happily on one side of our yard. My husband is trying to get it to grow up into a nearby tree. Each year we seem to have more blooms, but they don’t last long.

“Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.” Sarah Ban Breathnach



These are mystery flowers. I have no idea what they are! I’ll try to get more pics as they open up. :0)

“If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall. I would go to more dances. I would ride more merry-go-rounds. I would pick more daisies.”  Nadine Stair 


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Talk about entrapment!

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Garden as though

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“Garden as though you will live forever.” – William Kent

I love the idea of gardening as if I’m  immortal, plus building something that will live long after I’m  gone, plus the watercolor is purple. :0)

After reading endless articles on the net about asparagus, I’ve decided that no one really covers what you’re supposed to do in the second year, when you’re not harvesting the spears for eating yet. Since the spears I have were all hugely tall (one was close to 4 FEET tall!) I went out to the garden with my clippers and cut the spears today, with my heart in my throat, leaving the fern-y stuff until it gets brown in the late fall or early winter.


Now I can walk around without stepping on asparagus spears that are lying all over the place. I have no idea whether that was really a good thing to do or not, but…

The rest of the garden is looking pretty good, although I lost some of the lettuce plants. I’m not sure why they were unhappy, but with the harsh winter we had and the weird spring we’re having, I’ve just decided to be delighted that SOME lived and seem to be thriving.


I have at least two kinds of lettuce. The Romaine seems to have been the most challenged this season.



Next year, I’ll try to plant a BUNCH of lettuce from seed indoors, hopefully not having to depend so much on the locals for plants.


Here’s a sample of the broccoli.


SARA (middle) got so large her leaves were covering all the squares around her! I trimmed her up so she didn’t kill all the rest of the plants. She’s still covering her name label.



I’ve planted two groups of tomatoes and some green bell pepper plants.




Here is “Row 1″ with the tomatoes and bell peppers that are next to the fencing so we can secure them as they grow.




Here’s “row 2″ with the asparagus in the foreground.

I showed you pictures of the two planters with the onions, potatoes, and carrots recently.

So far, things look pretty good. I’m still learning a ton of what NOT to do, but I’m like a little kid about watching things grow. I’ll probably start harvesting some lettuce and spinach in the coming week or two!

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Still alive after day 2!

elliptical trainer

A couple of days ago I told you I was adding “Get moving” to my ‘living with intention’ list.

Yesterday I built a spreadsheet to chart my progress – or lack of it – as a motivator to actually try to DO this every day.

Also, yesterday, I swept off, and then wiped down, the elliptical trainer in our garage (which has been sitting idle for about a year, due to a multitude of lame excuses.)

I just hit ‘manual’ on the screen, and pushed ‘incline’ up until it was at the highest level, and did the same for ‘level,’ knowing that, since I would be exercising a short time, I wanted it to count. I decided I would try for 5 minutes. I made that, and then saw that I didn’t lack TOO much in making a distance of 1 lap around the virtual track, so I kept at it until I did that, 8 minutes total.

My husband came through the garage when I was wiping down the machine and asked if I were cleaning it up to sell it. I emphatically answered, “No! I’m going to start exercising again.” He said, “Good for you” as he went inside.

On Day 1, I logged 2137 steps on my pedometer. That’s really awful, I know. I’m supposed to be aiming for 10,000 or more steps a day – more if I’m trying to lose weight. I’m going to just concentrate on trying to move more, keep a log, and keep on keepin’ on, okay?


This morning – Day 2 – I have lots of sore muscles, being an old and sedentary broad.

I’ve just finished doing 15 minutes set at the highest levels, a little more than a lap and a half. So, slower than yesterday, but almost twice as long.  I came in breathing a little bit hard, but not as bad as yesterday. My husband asked how I did. I told him, and he said, “Good for you.” :0)


I’m hoping that by the end of the month, I’ll start to see SOME kind of difference. I don’t want to run a marathon, although I admire people who do. I would LIKE to feel an easing in the pain in my joints, a little bit easier time doing whatever time I put in on the elliptical trainer, and maybe a leaning toward moving more all day long, logging an increase in steps.

I’m going to consciously take breaks when I’ve been sitting too long, go do my exercising, or walk out to the garden, etc. to intentionally get this body moving as much as possible during the day.

I’m happy that I’m ABLE to try to move more. I’d like to stay that way.

Wish me luck?


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Our tax dollars at work?

credit - barbara_martin 925

credit -
barbara_martin 925

Are they trying to rent it out?



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A Really NICE sendoff!

I’ve told you I’m hopelessly spoiled. Here is another example -

I was just getting off the elliptical trainer (after ignoring it in the garage for a year) and came inside to ask my husband if he would like a salad, or would prefer a sandwich for lunch.

My husband was standing at the stove, cooking bacon! He had eggs out, and English muffins, as well. He refused to let me help, even with the clean-up!

We ate a truly beautiful brunch together. I told him how wonderful everything was. He replied that he wished I hadn’t come in before it was ready because he wanted to surprise me. I told him he DID surprise me, and that he was definitely a keeper (even after he scared me by becoming quite ill after we finally got the ham radio antenna up together yesterday).  He replied that cooking a meal for me at least once a year was hardly payback for my cooking for him every day.

I’ve had a beautiful surprise brunch. I’m getting ready to go for a haircut now, and we’ll spend the evening with long time good friends.

How spoiled can one woman get!



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I don’t remember what childhood game it was where you could shout “Overs!” and have a fresh start, but I’ve loved the idea ever since.

I’ve made a lot of changes over the years, and my life is getting better and better. I’m encouraged by the fact that as long as I’m alive, I can keep shouting, “Overs!”

The latest change I’ve made is ‘living with intention.’

  • I do ONE thing every day from my ‘have-to’ list. (Usually this one is time-sensitive and results in bad things if it isn’t done on time.)
  • I do ONE thing every day that gives me a sense of accomplishment. (Lately this is choosing one thing in my house that would benefit from my new “Every-28-year-clean-out” project. Every day I can look at these and feel I’m making progress in what is essentially a never-ending project.)
  • And I do ONE thing completely for FUN – for the joy of it. I consciously take time to do something that makes me smile. (like an art project, reading a book, planting flowers, – something I formerly postponed because of my previous long-as-my-arm ‘to-do’ list)

I’ve decided to add one more thing to my “living with intention list” – EXERCISE.

I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I’ve felt guilty because I haven’t. I’ve made endless excuses because I don’t really enjoy it, yata, yata, yata.

Why have I decided to do it NOW?

I want to do it for ME. I want to feel good more of the time. I’m already trying to eat healthier, with more fruits and more veggies, and less of everything else. The exercise will hopefully be another piece in my desire to do everything I can to get my body in better condition so I can do my ‘living with intention’ as long as I’m breathing.

I have an elliptical machine in the garage gathering dust. I’m going to clean that up today, find my MP3 player, program the machine and get started again. I won’t promise to do any particular number of minutes every day. I’ll only promise myself that I’ll get on it every day, particularly if I’m not out in the garden, taking a walk, or doing other exercise that day. When I used it before, the pain I have in my joints lessened over time.  I’m hopeful I can achieve the same, or even better results again.

elliptical trainer

I’ll also make a promise to myself to consciously move more each day than I have been. It might be the Wii Fit, it might be an exercise video, it might be the ‘yoga for geezers’ video I have in the living room bookshelf. It might be walking around the house or I might get to the point where I can walk down our steep driveway to get our mail and actually make it back up to the house without wheezing for half an hour!

“As long as you are breathing, you can start over.”

“OVERS!” :0)

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Happiness Virus

I double-dog-dare-you not to at least smirk when you see the joyously happy face of this child.

Yesterday I had fun at Wal-Mart with my husband.

We were about 2/3 finished with our shopping when he turned to me and asked, “Do you know that man?” I said, “No, I don’t.” A little bit later my husband asked, “Do you KNOW these people?” I answered, “No.” He finally stopped the cart and said, “Then why are all these people smiling at you?” I smiled, kissed his nose and answered, “Because I smiled first.”

Happiness IS contagious. If you carry it with you and show it to others, they respond – if only for the few seconds it takes for their faces to light up.

We’ve all seen a happy baby delight everyone around. The sourest, curmudgeon-y  faces will practically crack open as they respond to a sweet baby’s smile or laugh. They try to talk to the baby and get him or her to smile or laugh again. It’s beautiful to watch, isn’t it?

With all the awful stuff going on around us, it’s good to know that we can each do our part in making the world a happier place. And the more happiness we spread to others, the more there is.

Let’s get the happiness virus moving today!



Good morning!


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What is it about guys that they think they’re still able to do all the things they could do at 18?

Case in point -


We have an antenna in the side yard that is supposed to pick up ham radio frequencies from far away. My husband recently got some expert help on what tweaks to make to make the antenna perform at its best.

I went out there to find he had almost completely taken the whole thing down. He had made the tweaks while the antenna was on some saw horses (great idea!) but then had to get the antenna back up again. (Problem)

He stood on a ladder which I held steady, trying to get the antenna up high enough to mount on the rigid square tubing we had installed.  The wind was blowing, of course, and the antenna heavy and unwieldy.

Together, with my husband bearing most of the load, we finally got the thing back up. He stood, still grabbing the ladder, while I tightened the u-bolts.

As he got down, I realized he was in trouble. To make a longer story shorter, he turned white as a sheet, and scared us both. We made it to the front porch, spent awhile there, then made it into the house, then into his chair for a good rest.

He’s fine now, and insisted he was going back to finish putting the #%^&*#%^$ antenna together. I stayed right with him and he was fine this time.

We have since ‘discussed’ the experience, and he has apologized for scaring me. (As if he needed to) – but I HATE it when we get into situations where I can’t be of much help and he’s in over his head. He refuses to ask friends for help or to hire people to help.

I DID make him promise that when I’m gone and he remarries, he’ll marry a cross between a football player and a basketball player, so he’ll have someone who can keep up with him!

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credit -

credit -

My good friend came over, since she was out taking resume’s around. She has to work, although she’s about 5 years older than I. I hate that. She should be able to enjoy a retirement.

We’re going to spiff up her resume’ together, using suggestions from the net, to concentrate on the many skills and strengths she has to offer an employer, rather than essentially listing all her jobs, as she’s doing now.

There isn’t supposed to be age discrimination, but we all see it every day in some way. I just hope she can secure a job she likes soon, so she doesn’t have to worry so much about finances. My husband and I have offered to help, but she won’t accept it unless there is no other choice.

Although our government keeps telling us that our economic situation is getting better, it sure doesn’t show from where I sit.



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Meet Sherry Dell’aria McGrath!

Sherry Dell'aria Mcgrath

Sherry Dell’aria Mcgrath

I’m delighted to introduce you to a very talented lady. Sherry does many different types of original paintings: acrylic, micron pen with pencils, watercolor, and mixed media. She also offers beautiful ceramic pieces for lots of holidays. I’m amazed at her talent!


“Iris Garden”

This is a sample of her original acrylic paintings. This really brings spring into your heart, doesn’t it?


"Shell Shocked"

“Shell Shocked”

This was done with a micron pen with pencils.




This beauty is an oil on canvas.

"Swept Up"

“Swept Up”

This amazing piece is a mixed media: Tissue Paper, Acrylic Paint, Foil, Sea Glass, Shells, Polished Glass Gems

Besides original paintings, Sherry offers matted prints in 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″, packages of note cards (quantities limited),  and ceramic pieces.

"Bamboo Pot"

“Bamboo Pot”

Take a few minutes and browse through Sherry Dell’aria-McGrath’s work on Creative Artworks!



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Rainy Day with a good book


I’ve had the best day!

It’s still raining today, off and on, with MUCH cooler temperatures and stronger-than-I-would like winds.

After checking that our square foot garden structure was still up and my plants were fine, I decided to spend the day indoors after we ran our errands.

I pretty much FINISHED my clean out of our shared office! Of course, there is always something more that can be done, but I basically threw out, gave away, or reorganized 28 years worth of STUFF in the past several days.

My husband ordered a custom chair mat for himself and we were able to order one for me that was already available. The mats will be delivered soon via UPS! As soon as that happens, we’ll bring in some roll-around chairs from our shop, move out the three chairs we have in here now, and the ‘roll-around race will begin! (We might even play bumper cars!) I’ll take pics and share.

One of my long-time favorite writers is Nora Roberts. She tells stories I want to immerse myself in again and again. She’s writing a trilogy called, “The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy.” I read the first book, Dark Witch, and then have been in withdrawal, waiting for the second, “Shadow Spell.” I bought that recently, but decided I would read the first one again before diving into the second.

This has been the perfect day to get comfortable in my recliner under a comfy throw and read! (This is my FUN thing after my ACCOMPLISHMENT today.

I hope you can carve out some time to lose yourself in good writing with well-loved characters in a fascinating ‘other world’ story soon. :0)

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Wooden Wonders – Take 12


All I can say is, “Wow.”  I’ve seen some intricate pieces done with a scroll saw, but this has texture and depth, as well as glorious color. It speaks to me on every level. Just beautiful!


credit - www.steff

credit -


I would love to be able to see all sides of this beautiful piece by Steff Rocknak. The detail of his hair blowing (!) in the wind around his crown and the fancy buttons on either side of his collar are astounding.



This is impossible. You can see the ropy veins in his arm, his teeth, not to mention the WATER he’s swimming through….

I’m proud to be of the same SPECIES as talented people like this!  What a treat that we can find things like this on the net and share them with each other!!

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Problem solving

credit -

credit -

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Mother Nature is in a snit!

We had a series of pretty bad severe storms last evening and through the night. We lost power at one point, but our generator came on just like it should. :0)

I have to admit that this morning, after checking to see if the roof on our deck was in one piece, the second thing I did was walk out to my square foot garden – holding my breath.

It looks fine, and all the plants look great, though a bit waterlogged!  HOOOOORAAAAAAY!

Mother Nature definitely seems to have her nose out of joint this year. We had more snow – and especially ice – than usual, a longer time of cold weather followed by really spring-like – then summer-like weather here. Then the severe weather last night, and it’s supposed to FREEZE tomorrow morning!  I’ll definitely cover my sweet young veggies with sheets tonight before dark and hope for the best.

My personal ‘comfortable’ range of temperatures gets more and more narrow as I age. Now it seems to be in the 60′s to mid 70′s. In Arkansas, this range is only hit about 20 days a year. :0)

Since I’m not functional early in the morning – no matter how many ‘gorgeous sunrises’ I’m missing, according to my good friend, Nora – I’ll be doing some gardening at dusk and after the sun goes down this summer, thanks to my husband installing some flood lights and an outside electrical outlet on the corner of the shop next to the garden. He’s definitely a keeper!

I hope that you came through any severe weather in good shape.

Have a happy Monday!


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Flying Hairballs



“Scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop in Oklahoma and move into Arkansas late afternoon and evening. The storms are expected to be severe with damaging winds and large hail the primary threat. 

There is a minimal risk of tornado Sunday evening but shear profile and cold air aloft strongly favor large hail initially followed by an increasing wind damage threat.

Heavy rain will also be possible with most locations receiving around 1.25″ of rain on average.”

We need lots of good, soaking rain – NOT hail or flying hairballs or tornadoes!

It’s odd. Right now – at 6pm – when the bad stuff is supposed to start – we have the first sunshine we’ve had all day…

Stay safe and dry!

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Wooden Wonders – Take 11

I’m in awe of anyone who can make things out of wood. It amazes me that people can look at a lump or block of wood and see ‘hands.’ It amazes me even more that they can actually CREATE them! Isn’t this wonderful?


I don’t know what kind of wood this is, but it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? The artist chose so well, and then did the impossible – creating this stunning, flowing piece. How talented and creative!

credit –

I love this piece. The farrier shown here clearly loves his work. I can’t help but smile when I look at him.


I have NO clue how this piece was done. Isn’t it glorious?  My husband would ask, “But what would you DO with this?” And my answer would be, “Sit and drool over it.” :0)


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Where do I sign up?

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Square Foot Garden Update – April 13, 2014

Isn’t this a wonderful picture? I don’t look NEAR this cute or sweet when I’m planting veggies, but I FEEL this happy. :0)

Everything is pretty well planted now. I’m almost ready to start snipping off lettuce leaves to add to our salad. I have a few squares unplanted, and I’ll be on the lookout for something else fun to try to grow in those places.  In the main garden I have tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers, several kinds of lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, onions, spinach, and watermelon.

I think I told you recently that I had spent a couple of hours recently weeding, snipping off dead leaves, and general garden clean up, but I don’t think I’ve included pics of the planters in our side yard that I converted to square foot garden last year.


I devoted two planters to veggies that need deeper squares than the 6″ or so I have in my main square foot garden.  I’ve planted potatoes, carrots, and two kinds of onions in one planter that’s 8 feet long and one foot wide, and the other is 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. So far, the plants seem happy.

I’ll try to get close-ups of the plants after the severe weather passes.

I found a website that was discussing maintenance of asparagus. I asked him a couple of questions, but haven’t received answers yet. Since I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, I hope he can help me. I’m trying to find out if I should cut off the super-long asparagus spears or leave them alone. I’m not going to cut for eating until next year. I’m also not sure if I should add more Mel’s mix to the asparagus squares or if I should fertilize. So much ignorance in one woman! :0)




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Rainy Sunday


It’s a very rainy, windy Sunday here.  Normally, we grocery shop for the week on Sundays, but the weather is such we might just wait and do it tomorrow.

We had doors and windows open, and suddenly the front door blew shut with a loud bang that made us all jump from our seats. Later I heard my husband shutting the door to the back porch. I still have the office window open because there is deliciously cool air coming in, but that might not last long.

Severe weather is predicted for today, tonight, and through the overnight, with gusty winds, rain, hail and flying hairballs. Hopefully we’ll get through things without damage and just be thankful for the rain.



I told you yesterday that we moved furniture around in our office in preparation for hopefully getting custom chair mats that will allow us to roll around in here while we work on our various projects.




Today is the ‘serious,’ tedious part, where I start going through things, sorting everything into ‘throw away,’ ‘give away,’ ‘clean up,’ and ‘re-organize.’ I’ll try to take pics when things are looking better – unless I get buried in the stacks of STUFF in here!



Have a safe, happy day!

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Half-Done Office

In my every-28-year clean-out/give away/reorganize frame of mind -

today’s (and tomorrow’s) project was our office. My husband and I share office space, and it’s a very busy place. It’s one of the most used rooms in our home. We’ve done a lot to it over the years, putting in lots of shelving, counter top in and “L” shape all the way around two walls, built-in shelving, free-standing shelving and more.


To say it’s hard to organize an office shared by two is an understatement, but we’ve made lots of compromises over the years. I think the two of us average spending about half of every day in here when all the time is added up.

I’m trying to look at everything with a fresh eye, so when I saw my husband scooting carefully over, pulling his chair behind him with hit foot in order to get into his ham radio and electronic area, I asked him what would help make his life easier.


He immediately said a roll-around chair and a thick chair pad. We discussed various options when it suddenly occurred to me that rearranging some of the furniture in here might help. We moved two roll-around shelves, turning one toward my area and the other toward his, side by side. We moved my roll top desk out into the room about 6″ farther. It opened up lots of space, helping us see other good options.

Today we bought and put together a set of three shelves that I put to the side of my desk. I took the wheels off the two other shelves, since we don’t want them to roll and we could move them closer together.


We’re going to contact a custom chair pad place that offers premium chair pads for thick carpet with pad. We can order two pads – a narrow rectangular one for my husband from his computer area to his radio area, and a 6′x6′ pad for me. We already have two roll-around chairs that are now living in the shop that we can bring in here.

When we get everything finished, we’ll be able to do away with three chairs that don’t move with ones that will roll and be comfortable, with more storage for both of us, protecting our carpet.

Right now we look like a bomb hit, but we feel good about our progress. I’ll get serious about going through things in here tomorrow.

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Lunch Bunch Joy

A group of friends meeting for lunch every Friday started years ago. (I’m not sure how MANY years ago, but it’s probably 15 or so.)

It’s been the same core group – Kay, Linda, and me – with others added from time to time. (My husband is an honorary member of the Lunch Bunch.)  Friends and relatives join us as available, but the core group remains.

We’ve shared triumphs and challenges over the years, lots of laughs and some tears. We’ve celebrated together and helped each other through the really hard parts of life. To say we’re “close friends” is such an understatement it’s laughable.

We enjoy sharing a meal while we catch each other up on the highs or lows of our week. Sometimes after lunch we go together to see something. We’ve enjoyed the progress of one of us having a brand new home built. Kay and Linda have said they want to come and see our ‘metal critters,’ plus the new storage set-up in the shop for the mailbox decorations we’ve made. We’ll invite them for that soon.

Friday ‘Lunch Bunch’ is a high point of my week. It’s a wonderful change to reach out, and give – and receive – a virtual hug.

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Happy Friday!

What will you do to have fun today?

My new mantra is “Living with Intention,” not just making it through another day, or watching the days whiz past my head, or waiting for something.

Each day I’m trying to -

  • Do one ‘have-to’ thing that will result in bad consequences if I DON’T do it,
  • Do One thing that will make me feel I have accomplished something,

My life had become a never-ending list of ‘have-to’s,’ along with ‘shoulds.’  Now I’m actually getting more things done, but don’t feel overwhelmed, stressed, and squashed. I’m also making FUN a part of my every day, rather than relegating it to ‘when the other things are finished,’ which turned out to be almost never.

Yesterday I started not only a “spring cleaning” of our bedroom, but an “every-28-year-upheaval cleaning.”  I’m going to do at least ONE thing each day to make a difference. Today I’m tackling my floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. One day at a time…

I had an idea for making a cute planter pot the other day, and pictures of it have been rattling around ever since. I’m going to spend some time in my still-messy art room today and play around with my ideas – a really FUN way for me to spend some time. :0)

I hope that YOU are ‘living with intention,’ making every day special to you in some way. I would love to hear what you’re doing!



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We’re having a LOT of gusty wind today in Arkansas, and really warm temperatures (88 degrees this afternoon) compared to what we’ve been having,  particularly because we’re supposed to be down to freezing again Sunday. We have doors and windows open, embracing the change.

This CAN cause challenges, though.

For example, when I was carrying a big bag and a chair for my massage therapist this morning, I made sure that she got out without the wind blowing the door to the garage shut suddenly. Then I started out and the wind caught the door, which hit me where I sit, shoving me out the door, down the two steps and into the garage refrigerator with a WHUMP! Thank goodness the fridge was there or I probably would have lost more than my dignity!

The chairs have blown over on the deck and the screened porch. It was WAAAY too windy to have lunch out there today.

The paintings have tried to jump off the walls in the living room this afternoon, so we’ve now closed the window in the office and closed the door to the screened porch, hopefully controlling the gale.

I had to tie our three wind chimes on the porch down because they were driving me absolutely nuts!

I like a nice breeze, but this is a little bit TOO much of a great thing!



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Every-28-year clean-up…

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Regular as clockwork, every 28 years or so, I get in the mood to clean. I’ve already admitted to you that I’m not the best housekeeper. I’m either ready for House Beautiful to come photograph (very rarely – but it DOES happen), or it looks like a bomb hit.

I’ve done better than usual lately, but it seems that every time I walk into a room, I feel it needs CLEANING OUT.  Ever since we built our home, things come IN, but don’t go OUT nearly as often as they should. We do the normal Goodwill, Veterans Thrift Shop, and local library donations, and we sell some of our used books on Amazon, but the majority of our stuff stays where it is until one of these moods hits. (This happens as well to my husband, but he’s learned the hard way to only reorganize HIS stuff…)

Today I’m starting my latest every-28-year purges. I’m starting in our bedroom and will gradually work my will in every room in the house. When I get to the garage and our shop, I’ll THEN enlist the help of my long-suffering husband. :0) *did anyone notice that I did NOT mention the art room I’m supposed to be cleaning….? 

I’m really hoping that this burst of ‘clean-out/organize/clean-up fever’ is a long-lasting one because we’ll be much better for it.

I’ll chart my progress from time to time. I’d appreciate encouragement, criticism, laughs – whatever you care to say about my efforts. Jump in anytime!

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A great way to start a day!

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I have to be the most spoiled woman on the planet and I LOVE it!

My massage therapist comes to my home once a month and works miracles on my ‘mature,’ sore body. I keep threatening not to get up off the table when she finishes because I’m SOOOO relaxed. :0)

If you haven’t tried massage, you should consider it. I used to think of it as a complete luxury.  Now I consider it a ‘quality of life’ thing. It’s honestly really good for your health, offsetting not using your muscles enough, using some of them too much, loosening up knots you didn’t even know you had. It’s almost a ‘reboot’ of your body – something I really appreciate!

A knowledgeable, caring massage therapist is priceless.  He or she can fix injuries, help you heal from sprains, strains, or even surgery. The therapist gets to know YOUR body and can make a massage session perfect for whatever YOU need.

Many years ago, I did medical transcription and bookkeeping for a busy, 8-surgeon office. I ended up working about 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 8 years before I was hurting so badly I couldn’t put my blouse on by myself. I was flirting with carpal tunnel in both arms, as well. My son bought me an ergonomic keyboard, came to work with me so he could attach it to my computer and changed the height of my chair. I started going to the Marvin Altman Health Center every day after work, exercising, swimming, and then relaxing in the hot tub before making the trip home. I had my first ever massage.

I ended up having a massage once a week for several months. The massage therapist said she had never seen such tight muscles as I had in my neck and back. She helped me avoid surgery and gradually my pain abated. I also asked for, and received,  part-time help in my job.

I did without massage for a long time after I left the job, and finally a massage therapist came to Greenwood!

Now that I’m hopelessly spoiled, getting once–a-month sessions in my living room by my wonderful current therapist, I can now concentrate on the rest of my day, feeling renewed!

WARNING: massage therapy is addictive!



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Spreading joy


These are deep purple iris blooming in our yard right now.



My husband loves this color as much as I do, even though we also enjoy some lavender, a few peachy ones, and yellow ones. These are our favorites.



Every year I thin them out and transplant them somewhere else in the yard, or down the driveway wherever I can find enough soil to plant them. So each year we have a better and better display.




Best of all, they are a variety called ‘twice-blooming.” They bloom now, and then around October. We are rich in iris!

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