What will YOU be on Halloween?

credit - favim.com

credit -

Isn’t this CUTE?  It doesn’t seem to bother the sweet child at all, and I LOVE it!

We used to live in real ‘neighborhoods’ in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and then Greenwood, Arkansas, so we’ve had the joy of giving out candy at Halloween. I just loved seeing all the costumes and acting as if I didn’t recognize the neighborhood kids, or were scared to death, etc.

I also loved helping our son figure out what he would be for Halloween, helping him with his costume, etc. when he was little. It didn’t take long, though, for him to decide he could handle his own costume, makeup, etc. He went for the ghoolish or grotesque, but he really got into it and had blast. It was more about being with his friends than the costume very soon, anyway.

We’ve lived up on top of our ridge line for about 27 years now. We were relieved to get away from the trick or treaters, after spending about $200 in one night, trying to have enough candy to pass out to all who came. That was the year my husband dressed up as a hunch back with a super scary mask. The word soon spread and the same kids may have come multiple times…

This morning I decided to get into the Halloween spirit for Lunch Bunch. My husband has a great sense of humor and doesn’t get embarrassed easily, so he was game for his wife to look really ridiculous. :0)









Everyone had the same reaction – a double take and then a hearty laugh. The people at the bank pretended not to know who I was (but cashed my check anyway), and the lady at the post office asked if she could take a picture of me to show her kids.

It was a fun way to spread some joy this morning.


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Before Freeze Harvest


I told you awhile back that I lucked into some leggy looking lettuce plants at Sutherlands a few weeks ago and raced out to get them into the garden, hoping to have a harvest or so before it got too cold.

I planted a burgundy colored romaine, Buttercrunch, and a couple of kale plants.

The weather folks are pretty sure that we’ll have a killing frost tomorrow, so I rushed out and harvested some veggies.




I think the Romaine is really pretty! I also got a good amount of Buttercrunch lettuce (the bright green one.) I may have two types of Buttercrunch, or may have another type of lettuce – I’m not sure, but there is one smooth leafed lettuce and one ruffly leafed one in the pile.

I also got a couple of small late tomatoes, three small green bell peppers, and some kale leaves. I only cut a few kale leaves, since I only have two plants. I’m hoping that they’ll leave through the frost and produce a bunch of leaves so that I can try some recipes.




My husband helped me cut the wire ties that held the shade fabric on to the top of the garden. We rolled it up, leaving it still tied on one of the four edges, and put a long wooden square pole on the bottom of it to keep it from blowing a lot. Hopefully, we can unroll it in the spring and put it back over the garden without too much difficulty. Meanwhile, we won’t have to worry about the shade fabric accumulating snow and ice and bringing down the structure this winter.

We attached a tarp over the lettuce plants yesterday. Then we listened to the weather and discovered that instead of Friday morning for the freeze, it had been changed to Saturday. We went back out and rolled up the tarp before it got dark. Before dark tonight we’ll go out again and cover the sweet plants, hoping they’ll make it through the freeze.

Meanwhile, we’ll look forward to a big salad for lunch tomorrow!

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Clap if you believe in Tinkerbelle!




We have ONE morning in the foreseeable future (tomorrow!) that will be below freezing. With our luck, the frost will kill all the rest of our flowers. :0( So yesterday I got out and gathered a few of the remaining flowers so that we could enjoy them a few days inside, and so that I could share with you what will probably be the last gasp of our flowers for the year.





We have twice-blooming purple iris, Rio Samba roses, and white and pink hydrangeas.

I’m still hoping that our weather people are wrong, but they seem pretty certain that we will get a killing frost tomorrow morning. BAH! HUMBUG!

Maybe if we ‘clap if we believe in Tinkerbelle,’ we’ll avoid the freeze.

Are you clapping with me?


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A smiley kind of day

credit - nedhardy.com

credit -

Happy, lazy morning so far. Our whole family is feeling like this CUTE little smiling puppy today. No special reason – it’s just a smiley kind of day.

We slept late, opted for blueberry bagels with cream cheese and chives for breakfast while our doggies went nuts over the leftover Teriyaki sauce they got on their crunchies. It’s sunny and 53 degrees out now – simply beautiful!

We ARE going to scurry around a bit later today, harvesting lettuce and flowers to bring in, because we’re due for a ‘killing frost’ tomorrow and Friday mornings. Arkansas is famous for this, and it tees me off quite a bit. We’ll have nice weather probably until January, but late in October or early in November, we’ll have one or two mornings of frost that kill everything off. The rest of the weather is great, but we have to cut all the dead stuff down. It’s sad, but inevitable, I guess. I’ll bring in a bunch of flowers and I’ll put sheets over the lettuces in the garden and hope for the best.

We’ve started the painting on the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland as our new mailbox decoration. (We still have the ghost on the mailbox now, of course,



and will replace that on Saturday or Sunday with the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.) I’ll post pics as soon as the caterpillar is up.

My husband is delighted with the possibility of the frosts because he’s hoping he doesn’t have to mow the lawn again. I can certainly understand his feelings, but I told him I would happily mow the grass in his place if we didn’t lose all the flowers for another month.

I hope that the weather where you are today is enjoyable, and that you’re able to get out and have some fun! A smiley kind of day is quite contagious, you know…

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The art of filing

“There’s a small part of me that loves filing, organizing, and spreadsheets.”  – Jenna Fischer

A long time ago I learned to avoid office supply stores. I can justify ANY expenditure in an office supply store – if only in my own mind.

I have always loved these things! It started when I was in school. It was almost like counting down the days until Christmas – getting ready for school. I LOVED getting my cigar box to keep my pencils and ‘stuff’ in. I loved pencils, big pink erasers, a big box of crayons, Big Chief writing tablets, rulers, protractors, Elmer’s School Paste, a big zip up bag to put everything – including my cigar box – in, a new lunch box….

As I went through school, my list of things I wanted grew and grew.  I dreamed of getting a box of crayons that held 64 different colors plus a built-in sharpener. (I finally got one when I made my own money, and I STILL love getting a new box of crayons! :0)  I quit eating the paste and developed a fondness for Crazy Glue I have to this day.

When I had my dream job of secretary and advertising assistant to the meeting planner of the Independent Oil Producers, my boss and I would go treasure hunting at the local office supply store every once in awhile. He was an office supply nut, too!

I still love to find new organizing tools, new office supplies – and I feel great when all my files are in place, easy to lay hands on.

“Organizing is that you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”  – A.A. Milne



credit - noordinaryhomestead.com

credit -

If my desk looked ONLY as bad as this pile, I wouldn’t feel so bad. Multiply this picture by about 4 and you’ll have an IDEA how bad my desk is as we speak. I have no excuse except being lazy. I go from having a desk ready to be photographed by House Beautiful (my desk is a roll top with cute little nooks, crannies, drawers, etc. It isn’t a work of art, like some desks I’ve seen, but I love it just the same.)

I have two four-drawer file cabinets in our office, one two-drawer file cabinet, several shelves (some built-in, some roll-around, not counting drawers)

“… I pulled out box after box, setting them haphazardly around the room. My organization lacked something — like, say, organization …” -  Richelle Mead

I’ve been told that if I PICTURE my office as I want it to look – all organized with everything in its place – that it will motivate me to get my organizing up to date and then KEEP the filing done. I should have an IN file and an OUT file – going through things at least once a week, if not more often. I should only handle any one piece of paper ONCE….

I even save the IDEAS for organizing – and have a file for them!

“The trouble with, “A place for everything and everything in its place” is that there’s always more everything than places.”  –  Robert Brault

So – I’m back to having no excuse. You may not hear from me for the rest of the day. I’m finally feeling guilty enough to at least get STARTED on the filing….

“If you don’t like what you got, why don’t you change it? If your world is all screwed up, rearrange it!”  – Trooper


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New Creative Artworks Blog Header – October 29, 2014



“Autumn-in-the-North-Country”-Original-Pastel-Painting – ID # 14373 by Nora Ruth

“Autumn in the North Country” is an original pastel painting by Nora Ruth. The painting measures 12″ x 18″ and is sold without frame. The piece is signed and dated. It will be matted and shipped with stiff backing for protection.

This painting makes my mouth water! See all of Nora Ruth’s work on Creative Artworks HERE




“Snowman-Pot”-Painted-Terra-Cotta-Planter – ID # 380 by Linda Faber

“Snowman Pot” is a cute little 6 inch terra cotta pot. Fill with candy and let your guests enjoy! A scarfed and tobogganed chubby snowman greets you beside a cozy cabin with smoke coming from the chimney. Evergreen trees fill the background and snow covers the ground–Wintery! Snow is piled on the cabin roof and on the snowman with a textured snow and highlighted with crystal glitter for a wonderful sparkle effect. This pot is basecoated with deep blue, decoratively painted, and sealed with a clear acrylic. It is signed and dated by the artist. If used for a planter, use a water-tight liner.

See all of Linda Faber’s work on Creative Artworks HERE




11 x 14-Pencil-Portrait-3-Subjects – ID # 14143 by Kim Burford 

Send photos (jpgs via email or photos via mail) to Kim Burford and he’ll create a beautiful portrait you can treasure and pass down in the family. The drawing here is only a sample of Kim’s talent.
Kim offers portraits of people, pets, and homes. Actual photos will be returned with the finished portrait. You’ll have final approval online before it is mailed. Kim will provide a mat (his color choice unless you specify) for the drawing.
If you would like details such as hands, or changes from the photo, please email us before ordering so that we can discuss. Please allow approximately two weeks from Kim’s receipt of your photos for the finished drawing.

See all samples, sizes, and prices of Kim Burford’s work on Creative Artworks HERE




“Fall-Seascape”-Print – ID # 15578 by Derek McCrea

This is an 11 x 14 limited edition print of a seascape by Derek McCrea. I can almost hear the birds calling! Can you feel the wind in your face?

See all of Derek McCrea’s beautiful prints on Creative Artworks HERE

Come see us at Creative Artworks for original artwork and hand-painted products of all kinds for all your decorating and gift needs!

CREATIVE ARTWORKS – Handcrafted – Hand-Painted – Unique -AHHHH!




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Nice way to spend a morning

credit - chivom2013.wordpress.com

credit -

Our son is across the United States in Florida, but when I miss him especially, I can treat myself to listening to him sing and play the guitar, thanks to some videos and mp3’s he has sent over the years.

He, of course, is never satisfied with his efforts, but I am in awe of his talent on the guitar and his efforts to write and play original music.

Sometimes he plays and sings songs he particularly likes from others, and I love to watch and/or listen to those, as well.

Lately he and some of his co-workers have formed a band and MAY be planning to compete in the Battle of the Bands there in November sometime.

They’re working on two songs I know of – “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis and “Dancin’ in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen. They haven’t recorded the latter, so I don’t know how they’re doing on that one, but after playing the piece 10 times, I really liked their version. I’m delighted by how much our son’s voice is improving. I LOVE to listen.

So as I type, I’m in a wonderful world filled with some of my favorite music sung by our son. The only thing that would be better would be for him to actually be here, singing and playing in person.

I think I have about 10 years worth of his work now. Some was recorded in our basement here. Other pieces were recorded in his apartment in Cheng Du, or in a restaurant when he was playing at a free mike. It was hard to get it, since his stuff is always “a work in progress,” but I feel RICH when I can click on something, close my eyes, and fill my heart to overflowing.

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I have the sleepies…

We had a storm overnight and cooler temperatures today. The purrrr-fect combination for a sleepy day.

I procrastinated – again – yesterday – about getting caught up on my filing, so I’m at LEAST obligated to do ONE pass at it today.

I saw a really cute video about sleepy animals this morning posted by our wonderful Greenwood Veterinary Clinic on Facebook. I really identified with the sweet animals.


These cute pets need a nap ASAP – Murfreesboro.com 

If the above link doesn’t work, here is the URL for the cute video



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Hahahahahaha! – All RIGHT!

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Wooden Wonders – Take 14


credit – artodyssey_ron layport

I’ve had a wonderful time this morning enjoying works of art in wood. I’m absolutely blown away by what creative and talented people can do, given the same medium. Isn’t this lovely?




credit – novidades-para-ti.blogspot.com

The combination of carved wood and stained and/or leaded glass panels in this ‘door’ is incredible.





credit – the swimmer_www.designswan.com

This artist is amazing, using wood to capture the skin, muscles, vein and watch (not to mention the beautiful movement!) and then the water! – in the same piece of wood.




credit – three hummingbirds and flowers _ intarsia wood art

The detail in this piece is wonderful, and I love the frame being a part of the design. I’m assuming the wood is stained, rather than painted. Just beautiful.

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Catbert is finished

Catbert, The Evil HR Director from "Dilbert" by Scott Adams

Catbert, The Evil HR Director from “Dilbert” by Scott Adams

We finished our Catbert mailbox decoration yesterday.  We’ll hang him up later today in the shop so that we can spray him on both sides with polyurethane for protection, but we wanted to share him.

We hope you like him!

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Thoughts on a Monday

credit - quotepictures.net via dumpaday.com

credit – quotepictures.net via dumpaday.com

I’m up, but not very alert this morning.

I read until very late last night, finishing Sycamore Row by John Grisham. It’s the sequel to A Time to Kill, again featuring lawyer Jake Brigance.

Sycamore Row by John Grisham

Sycamore Row by John Grisham

Warning – you’ll get sucked into this book quickly and will have more and more trouble putting it aside to do even really important things. I even loved the Author’s notes after I finished the book!

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Hanging in there

credit - wallpapertoon.com

credit -


I’ve just been hanging in there today. And you?

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The very best compliment!

My husband just came in from the shop and said, “You did a great job on Catbert.”

catbert RH

credit – “Catbert” from the “Dilbert” cartoon strip by Scott Adams

He was speaking of the hand-lettered sign that Catbert is carrying, that now says, “Beatings will continue until morale improves.” (Signed, Catbert, HR director)

I feel I’ve been knighted!

Sometimes my husband likes what I’ve done, but most of the time it’s ‘okay.’ So when he takes the time to come all the way back into the office from the shop to tell me, I feel GREAT. :0)

I’ll try to get the other side of the piece lettered tomorrow, and then I’ll share it with you.


On other news, my husband went to visit the head of the amateur ham radio group in Fort Smith yesterday to get help in making an antenna yesterday. Today he shot the line up over the tree on one side of the yard without trouble. HOORAY! The only problem was, the good UV resistant string he had left from the other antenna wasn’t long enough. He tied things off where they were and ordered more good string. When we get that, we’ll finish securing the line and get the antenna up in the air spanning the whole front yard!

Hope you had a happy day.

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Sleeping Baby Bird


credit – interestingthings via ariaa jaeger_amazinggardenart_sleepingbabybird

Ariaa Jaeger posted this on Google + recently. Isn’t it wonderful?

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Maya Angelou Wisdom

credit - Maya Angelou via Lessons Learned in Life via thebreastcancersite

credit – Maya Angelou via Lessons Learned in Life via thebreastcancersite

Here’s to all the wonderful people I’ve known – for a long time, and for a shorter time. The capacity of the human heart to expand essentially forever – embracing people who mean the world to us – is truly one of life’s miracles. Each day gives us yet another opportunity to reach out to those who have changed our lives forever…

“Make new friends
but keep the old.
One is silver
and the other gold.”  (one of my favorite rounds to sing in childhood. When everyone is singing, it sounds like bells ringing.)

“A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.” – Fr. Jerome Cummings

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Happy Friday

credit - TigerLaw

credit -

I love this photo of the bird preparing for the future, resting for a bit in the sunshine on a perfect day.

My day has been really nice. We slept late, ate a leisurely breakfast, spent a bit of time at the computers before my husband left to drive to Roland, OK (an hour or so from us) to get help on a better ham radio antenna. The head of the amateur ham radio club of Fort Smith said he would be happy to help, so we ordered the needed materials. They arrived yesterday, and my husband is at Mike’s house now, hopefully building an antenna that will allow him to receive and send better here at home. We’ll have to try to shoot the line over a tall tree in front of our house to get the antenna high enough for good reception. I think we only have to work on ONE side of the existing antenna, adding length and shooting one end over a higher tree limb in order to improve things. I’m also hoping that my husband can simply sit and listen to Mike as he is on the radio, learning protocol and the ins and outs of what is good procedure, etc. It’s amazing that with all the books out on the subject, no one has bothered to write one that covers the BASICS of getting started, how to contact others, what to do when you’re successful in reaching someone else, etc.  Maybe I can convince my husband to write a good book on the subject!

I just returned from Lunch Bunch. We have a new member of the group! Ann is from Texas. She’s a long-time friend of Linda’s. It has taken YEARS for things to be right for her to finally move here. They are both delighted, of course, and Kay and I are enjoying welcoming Ann into the group. Now my husband will be sharing lunch with FOUR women (kind of like the new “Outnumbered” show on Fox News Channel. :0)

I’m going to go out to the shop and work on the back side of Catbert this afternoon. My husband and I are still figuring out what we want to put on the paper in his hand. The “Beatings will continue until morale improves” is too long to fit on the paper so that people can read it from the road (assuming someone wants to), so I think we’ve decided to try “Eschew Obfuscation.”

Our weather is almost perfect right now, from our point of view. It’s sunny with highs in the 70’s. Next week it’s supposed to be even better. We LOVE being spoiled! I’m trying to spread my time between doing yard or garden work and work in the shop each day. No matter what I choose, I have a good time. We’ll probably cook out this evening. I LOVE this time of the year!

I hope you’re having a fun day, too.




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Catbert is coming together!

catbert RH

A couple of days ago I told you what a mess I was making of our newest mailbox decoration, “Catbert” from “Dilbert” by Scott Adams. We finally took the piece out, hung it from a hook on our A frame, and spray painting the whole thing, front and back, with orange paint. I was really bummed out, and just ignored things yesterday.

Today I decided I would tackle the project again. The spray painting job actually looked pretty good – MUCH better than the mess I had made trying to mix the paints we had. AND I could see the magic marker I had put on the piece to see where I was on the painting.

Today I pretty much finished the front of the piece. I want to add some words to the paper he’s holding, and my husband and I need to figure out how to tackle that, but otherwise, the front is finished.

It’s funny. Many of the pieces we’ve done in the past year have been MUCH more complicated and difficult to paint than this one; but this one has certainly been challenging in its way. You just never know.

It’s a good thing we both love this character created by Scott Adams. I’ll post pics when he’s finished and you can judge how well it turned out.


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Wise Words

credit - themankindproject via morgen marshall

credit -
themankindproject via morgen marshall

Finding some kind person who will allow you to rant and rave without having to give advice/pass judgment/or commiserate is a rare gift. I’m very lucky that I have TWO such people, and I’m very grateful.

Being a sounding post in return is a good thing, as well. JUST LISTENING helps.

I have tried to explain this to my husband to no avail for almost 50 years now. He feels he should SOLVE my problems, no matter what I say. You would think, given this amount of time, that either -

  • “I” would learn not to rant and rave about something to my husband, since he cannot just listen, or
  • “He” would learn that I just need to have a good rant now and then to keep my equanimity.

Morgen Marshall posted this on Facebook recently and I loved it. I love the proverb, but I particularly love the expression of the chimp.

To me, he reminds me that

  1. It’s not all about ME
  2. I still haven’t learned my lesson.
  3. and to remember I have TWO really sweet people who WILL just listen

May each of us find – and BE – a much-needed sounding post.

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Pick me up

Singing & Playing Dog

Singing & Playing Dog

My friend Layne Bailey shared this video on Facebook. I played it, laughed like a loon, then played it again for my husband across the room. He laughed, too. I played it again, and I’m still smiling.

Singing and Playing Dog – credit 107.5 Amor Radio via Layne Bailey

If, for some reason, the above link doesn’t work, here is the URL that you can copy and paste into your browser.



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Last call for spooky stuff


Hand-Painted-Glass-Halloween-Black-Cat – ID # 12464 by Rebecca Kelman

See the rest of Rebecca’s beautiful hand painted glassware for all occasions, seasons, holidays HERE



FALL-HALLOWEEN – “Fall Centerpiece” – ID # 15943 by Sherry Dell’aria-McGrath

See all of Sherry’s work on Creative Artworks HERE



HALLOWEEN – Felt “Count – Who Me?” – ID # 15857 by Charlene Bodero

See all of Charlene’s work on Creative Artworks HERE



Wine Charms – HALLOWEEN – Pick Your Poison – Set of 6 – ID # 15889 by Stephanie (Stephie) Wilson

See all of Stephie’s work on Creative Artworks HERE  (Take advantage of her new sale prices!)

Jump in and order Halloween goodies right away!

Happy Halloween!

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For ML and B

My heart goes out to you both today.

A few quotes about dog wisdom that make me smile -

“When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.”

“Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride.”

“Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.”

“If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven – and that very, very few persons.” – James Thurber

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credit - thecraftsreportmagazine via rebecca kanner kelman

credit -
thecraftsreportmagazine via rebecca kanner kelman

I love this quote by Danny Kaye – certainly a wonderful artist who ‘threw a lot of paint’ during his life to the benefit of all of us.

I let a lot of days drift by. I don’t kid myself, thinking I must ‘make a difference’ or do something really significant every day, but I DO want to be able to look back on the day and smile for some reason.

  • I may smile because I didn’t do anything, and loved not doing it. :0)
  • Maybe I visited via email, card, letter, phone, or in person with someone I really like or love.
  • Maybe I enjoyed working on a mailbox decoration, metal critter for the yard, or new piece of art upstairs in my art room.
  • My son may have sent a new audio of a song he’s learning to play and sing.
  • I walked in the yard and felt surrounded by flowers and veggies.
  • My husband and I grilled our dinner on the deck surrounded by our pets and our rope of rainbow lights that glow all around the ceiling of the deck.

‘Throwing paint’ can take lots of forms. Each person throws paint differently, but hopefully enjoys each color added to the canvas.

What color will you add to YOUR canvas today?

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Good morning

credit - vivian hernandez via ariaa jaeger

credit -
vivian hernandez via ariaa jaeger

I really don’t feel as bad as this looks – I just love this doggie and want to hug his neck and make him smile. Isn’t he a sweetheart? :0)

Yesterday I had a setback in the painting of Catbert. The two paints I tried to mix just weren’t happy together. I ended up with a mess. Combined with the fact that my husband thought the back side that had the first coat on it looked ‘awful,’ and I was one unhappy camper. After I fumed for a bit, we ended up taking the piece outside, hanging it up on our hook, and spray painting him orange on both sides. I have to admit he looked better, though I’m not looking forward to having to start completely over on all the details…

We decadently slept late this morning, so I feel rested!

I told you that instead of actually working in the yard or the garden, I went around taking pictures. One of my very best skills – perfected over many years – is the art of procrastination…

I showed you the pics of the garden. Today I want to share the pics of the flowers we are still enjoying until our first freeze.


We love wave petunias. This is one plant that spilled over its pot down into the planter next to it.




And this wave petunia is on the other side of the deck. I love the light lavender with the darker centers and lines streaking out.


This is yubi or purslane. We haven’t found a color we don’t enjoy.


We have several twice-blooming iris that I absolutely love. These bloom in the spring, and then again in October. What a treat!



I told you that the rains we had recently really did a number on our Rio Samba rose bushes, but these are the flowers remaining, and we have more buds.





And these are impatiens. They’re really happy in the shade of the house with the cooler temperatures. You can some of the ones we planted, and then the ‘volunteers’ that came up by themselves around the bottom of the planter.




And these are volunteers at the bottom of the planter on the other side of the front porch.

Our hydrangea plants are suddenly happy. I’ll try to get pics of those to share with you.

The fall here is so great, with the flowers from the spring and summer and the cooler temperatures. Who could be unhappy in weather like this?



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Kurt Vonnegut Wisdom

credit - Kurt Vonnegut via elephant journal via cathy ruggiero

credit – Kurt Vonnegut via elephant journal via cathy ruggiero

This is basically what my good friend, Debbye Hughes, told me about 15 years ago when she was fighting a recurrence of cancer. We were sitting on her bed, talking, and looking at her newest watercolors.

(I have a tribute to Debbye on my website, Creative Artworks HERE if you’d like to read it.)

To make a longer story short, I told her how much I loved her – and her watercolors – and how I wished I could do it. She challenged me that day to “JUST DO IT!” I accepted her challenge, and my life has been so much brighter and fuller ever since!

Kurt Vonnegut’s quote is true. I know it because I’m living it. I know it absolutely doesn’t matter if you’re any ‘good’ or not. When you try to create something, you step outside yourself, focusing on something intently, trying to work your will on it. Giving yourself permission to TRY, without thought of what someone else might think of it, purely for the joy of the DOING, is a freeing, WONDERFUL atmosphere!

If you do something that makes you smile while you’re in the DOING, you’ve enjoyed more than a lot of people ever do. Even if you pitch the end result, you can plan to try it – or something else – at another time. If, by some chance, you create something that is pleasing to someone else, your soul expands even more, filling you with joy. If, by some even more wonderful chance, someone likes what you’ve created enough to BUY it for themselves or someone else – part of your soul will live forever.

Most of my stuff is in the category of a child with finger paint. I immerse myself in the doing – and it’s so much fun!

Right now I’m trying to paint a large metal piece for our mailbox in the shape of Catbert from the cartoon strip “Dilbert” by Scott Adams. My husband looked at it yesterday and said, “That looks awful!” (He was speaking of the fact that the orange paint I’m using doesn’t cover the metal very well at all and might take a gazillion coats.) Happily enough, I have a different orange paint that I’ll mix with some red to hopefully get the shade I want and it will go better today. Whether it does or not, I’m having great fun trying to bring one of our favorite characters to life. Others will judge whether we’re successful or not. The DOING of it is enough for me.

Are you practicing some art today?

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Enjoying the fall garden



Succumbing to laziness, I just went around and took pictures today, rather than being productive. Here are two squares of Buttercrunch lettuce from the square foot garden. I’m going to let them be for another day or two, and then will start cutting off outer leaves to add to our salads.




Here are another 8 squares of Buttercrunch lettuce. I’m hoping that this crop will last until we have a really hard freeze.



Talk about teeny, tiny green bell peppers! I have 4 or 5 of them. :0)




I have 3 squares of romaine lettuce.



This is my first experiment growing kale. After talking with Murray – one of my favorite people – I’m researching some recipes for cooking it!

Otherwise, I cut down the asparagus fronds and am cleaning up the unused squares, cleaning up finished veggies, readying the garden for the fall and winter. I need to weed whack around the perimeter of the garden, etc. When the weather starts looking as if we might get ice or snow, we’ll peel back the tied down shade cover, roll it up and leave it attached to only one side of the garden for the winter.

I’m going to replenish my supply of compost types – cotton burr, mushroom, and barnyard – so I’ll have plenty of supplies ready to add for my spring garden.

I’m going to try again in February to start some seeds for my spring garden. One of these times, I’ll be successful!

Hope you’re enjoying some fresh veggies of some type at your house.


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I love Sundays

Catbert from Dilbert by Scott Adams

Catbert from Dilbert by Scott Adams

We’ve had a fun day.

We went grocery shopping and picked up doughnuts on the way home.

I just finished color blocking the back side of our Catbert mailbox decoration. The picture above shows the design we’re trying to do. The orange paint I’m using isn’t covering well at all, so I’m going to switch to another one for the second coat, hoping for the best.

We’re going to cook out tonight – grilling kielbasa and a basket of potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and carrots. This is one of our favorite meals, and the weather is perfect today.

Since it is, as soon as I rest a bit, I’m going out to tackle another planter in the yard. I’m hoping that the really nice weather will hold out until I can get things under control around here. I also need to work in my square foot garden, take pics, and more to share with you.

Mostly, we’re enjoying not having to rush around, meeting deadlines, having endless ‘have-to’s.’ We thoroughly enjoy spending quality time together, enjoying what we’ve built together, feeling rich in all but money. :0)


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Handle at your own risk!

joh_stevens_via cathy ruggerio

joh_stevens_via cathy ruggerio

Our son told us recently that some of the guys at work have formed a band and plan to compete in a Battle of the Bands next month.

Our son has embraced music for years. He plays guitar, drums, a bit of keyboard, plus loves to sing (though has only done it in public a few times. Now he’s learning the ukulele.

I’ve saved bits and pieces of his own music, playing it when I’m down. Recently he sent the new band’s practice of “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis.

I was so pleased at his singing. He would be mortified if I posted the link to it here for you. First, it’s a work in progress. Second, he is very choosy about when to share things.

Suffice to say I’m so proud of his efforts I’m bursting my buttons, and all appendages are crossed for his band to have a blast competing, whether they earn any sort of recognition or not.

Playing music is wonderful therapy, moving you to another place, surrounding you with an environment of your choosing. You can keep practicing until it’s the very best you can do. It’s a real quality of life thing, and I couldn’t be happier that our son is finally making time for it again.

Even if you don’t create music, the joys of listening to it can’t be overstated. It’s SO wonderful that I have to listen only when I’m not doing anything else – in the interest of safety. :0)

I hope that you can surround yourself with music on a regular basis, and that it truly lifts your spirits.

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I am!

I woke up feeling only ‘regularly old’ this morning, so I’ve been enjoying working in the yard today!

Our weather is PERFECT – sunny with a light breeze. The temperature is 69 degrees. It would be hard to be anything but joyful in weather like this. :0)

Today I pruned my poor Rio Samba rose bushes. I say, “poor” because the bushes were full of really fully open roses when our last big rains hit. I’ve never seen so many broken branches with roses hanging down! I found lots of buds, though  – so now that the bushes are newly pruned, we should have a nice display again in a couple of weeks.

After I finished with the three rose bushes, I started prepping my planters for fall. This is a big job because we have 14 brick planters of varying sizes and shapes around the yard and ALL of them need work. I have no GOOD excuses for not keeping up with things, but I’ll just get out there each day and try to get something done until all of them are looking as if someone cares again.

While I was working in one of the planters, my good husband mowed the yard for what we HOPE is the last time. Normally at this time of the year the grass has been ‘brown and crunchy’ for 2 or 3 months, our Bermuda grass killed off by the intense heat and dryness of August. This year we had a cooler summer and a MUCH wetter one, so the grass has grown steadily (while we watch!) all summer. We’re both ready for more fall-like yard work now, rather than mowing, edging, and leaf blowing over and over.

I made good headway in the first of the 14 planters today. Now, though, I’m planning to dig up the iris plants and redistribute them before I consider that planter ready for the mulch I hope to create when I use my new leaf blower/mulching vacuum tool soon.

Gardening is such a wonderful hobby!

  • I’m never bored
  • There is always something that I can do to improve things
  • As I work, I plan for changes I want to make – either right now or later
  • The yard can look wonderful with blooms all around, lifting my spirits
  • When the weather is nice, I lose myself, problems falling away as I concentrate on what my plants need
  • I don’t have to do everything at once. My plants are always a work in progress.
  • Things just get better and better as I add, encourage, replant, feed, weed, mulch, and plan…


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Another mailbox decoration finished!


This is the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. He’s about 3 feet tall and about the same wide. He has glitter on the container and his shoes, and black tubing running from the pipe to the container.





He’ll go up on the mailbox November 1st and will be there through the 15th.  I’ll take more pictures then.


Right now, we have the ghost for Halloween.





We prepped the next piece, “Catbert” (the HR Director in our favorite Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams), and I’ll start painting him soon.


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New Creative Artworks Blog Header – October 17, 2014



“Two-Subject-8×10-Pencil-Portrait” – ID # 4277 by Bethany Kerr 

Send digital pictures via email or photographs by U.S. mail and artist Bethany Kerr will work with you to create a beautiful 8 x 10 pencil portrait that will become a cherished heirloom! (Pictures shown are samples of what Bethany can create for you!) Finished portrait will be sent, along with any mailed photos, unframed and unmatted, sealed in clear plastic. Creation time is usually 2-4 weeks, unless portrait is for Christmas, when cut off for orders is the end of October. Shipped in a method that can be insured and tracked. Please email for custom order.

See all of Bethany Kerr’s samples, sizes, and pricing HERE




6″x9″-Handmade-Journal – ID # 464 by Lisa Richey

Handmade Journal in 6″ x 9″ size is created for you by Lisa Richey. (This picture is just one of many designs Lisa Richey offers.) Filled with 50 pages of recycled white paper and covered with handmade or other fine paper. We’ll contact you regarding a choice of cover papers to make the perfect journal!

See all of Lisa Richey’s journals, handmade cards, and handmade paper posters HERE



Scented-Petal-Soap-3-Gift-Boxes – ID # 8414 by Vivian Dee

Enhance your bathroom with Vivian Dee’s petal soaps and a supreme spa experience is only seconds away! Life is short! Make each day special with this wonderful extravagance! Also a nice gift! These beautiful petal soaps can also be used as a hand soap or for a morning shower. Dissolves easily. A gift box weighs about 20 grams and contains approximately 30 soft textured petal soaps. 3 Gift Boxes in Order. Please indicate your choice of: “Red petals with Strawberry scent,” “Pink with Rose scent,” “Pastel with Crisp Apple scent,” or “Yellow with Lime scent” in the special comments section of the order form. Ships in 2 to 3 business days. GIFT – BATH CONFETTI – WITH PURCHASE!

See all of Vivian Dee’s beautiful soaps, bath fizzers, flower soap, soap sponges, spa gifts, and more HERE




Floral-Wood-Burned-Wall-Art – ID # 12938 by Jane Loedding

After the wood burning process Jane Loedding hand painted the design in a ‘wash style’ with acrylic paints and varnished it for protection. Filled to the brim with colors galore this decorative wall art piece is very solid…it measures about 15″ wide and is 1 1/4″ thick. It’s very welcoming for spring time or any time of year. Would look great hanging on a wall, resting on your mantle or where ever you choose!

See all of Jane Loedding’s original paintings, hand painted signs, fridge magnets, new mommy wall clocks and more HERE

We have lots of unusual gifts for many on your list!

Come visit Creative Artworks! Handcrafted – Hand-Painted – Unique -AHHHH!

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